Plastic Grocery Bag


If you have ever gotten frustrated with all of those plastic bags
you bring home from your shopping adventures

McKenna PATR Pupster

We pupsters have just the thing to solve your problem!
Hang our Plastic Grocery Bag Holder in a convenient location.
Then put those plastic bags from all of your goodies directly into our holder
and voila your problem is solved.

Elizabeth PATR Pupster

Then all you need to do when you need a bag is pull out from the elasticized bottom.
You can use our Plastic Grocery Bag Holders just about anywhere in the house.

  • In the kitchen for those small clean up jobs

  • In the bathroom to line waste baskets

  • In the baby's room for tossing the dirty diapers

  • In the laundry room to empty the kitty litter

  • The possibilities are endless!

    Fabric Choices
    Solid Black Solid Brown Solid Red Solid Green
    Royal Blue Solid Lime Chambray Blue Solid Copper
    Denim Bones & Stars Multi Paws on Brown Bones on Aqua
    Dreaming Cruisin Pupsters Tennis Anyone? Pupster Party
    Cartoon Pupsters Multi Paws on Red Multi Paws on Green Hydrants on Red
    I Love My Dog Flames on Black Yellow Floral Pink Floral
    Rose Buds on Green Red Floral

    Our Plastic Grocery Bag Holders are machine washable and dryer friendly.

  • 6 inches wide
  • 22 inches long

    Price for our Plastic Grocery Bag Holders including first class shipping within the continental US is:

    100% of the Plastic Grocery Bag Holder sales go directly to paying for
    food and vetting expenses for the foster pupsters in the rescue.
    With so many seniors and special needs dogs, we have huge vet bills.
    Our volunteers donate all material and labor for the plastic grocery bag holder orders and for this reason
    No Returns or Exchanges due to sanitary reasons & health issues.

    A SPECIAL THANK YOU to our volunteers that help the pupsters.
    Approximately 60 minutes of love goes into
    the completion of each plastic grocery bag holder.

    All plastic grocery bag holders are shipped via USPS first class shipping within the continental US from Trufant, MI.
    We HIGHLY recommend adding USPS Priority with delivery confirmation.
    The cost is $7.00 and we allow combined shipping for gift shop items purchased within 24 hrs.
    To order, click on the USPS Priority Shipping Paypal button below.
    If shipping Internationally, postage will be $7.00 for 3 plastic grocery bag holders
    or less and can be added to your shopping cart by clicking on the International Shipping Paypal button below.
    If international customers order more than 3 plastic grocery bag holders, please email us for correct shipping cost.
    To order, Peke A Tzu Rescue is happy to accept your donation through paypal
    by using the links below.
    If you prefer to pay by other methods, please follow instructions at the bottom of the page.

    Purchase Plastic Grocery Bag Holder
    Select Fabric

    Add USPS Priority or International Shipping Below

    Add USPS Priority or International Shipping

    If you prefer to pay by personal check, please
    make your check payable to Peke A Tzu Rescue
    and mail to:
    Peke A Tzu Rescue
    PO Box 1
    Trufant, MI 49347
    Include the quantity of plastic grocery bag holders, fabric selection
    and your email address so we can email to confirm order.

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