We hope you enjoy our coat selection.
For your pet's comfort we offer the following seasonal coats.
So the coat fits your baby perfectly we CUSTOMIZE the length.

    Cotton Print with Flannel Solid Lining
    Cotton Print with Cotton Solid Lining
  • FALL
    Flannel Print with Flannel Solid Lining
    Fleece Print with Fleece Solid Lining

  • We have beautiful fabrics to choose from!
    Each coat has two coordinating decorative
    pockets embellished with adorable
    animal related buttons on each pocket.
    Our coats are made with quality sew on velcro
    and have two layers of fabric stitched together.
    There is no fraying of edges with our coats.
    The coats wear extremely well and your babies
    will be thrilled with their new wardrobe.

    We ship within the US, to Canada and Internationally.
    Our coats are not premade.
    Please allow 5-10 days for completion and shipment.
    The velcro on our coats allows each coat to fit a range of sizes.
    Our rescue friends and petsitters love this feature.

    If you have any questions please feel free to email us at

    We have our own Pupster CSI and
    we welcome you to share our customer's Tail Waggin' Comments

    Also please check out Peke A Tzu Rescue pupster patrons parading their new wardrobe at
    Peke A Tzu Rescue Pet Patrons.

    Our coats are machine washable, but remember to close the velcro before placing in the washer.
    We recommend ordering a coat for each season to complete your babie's wardrobe.

    To determine proper size please
    measure your pet around the body
    centering between front legs and back legs (B) allowing
    the measuring tape to just touch the body.
    Do not pull the measuring tape too snugly or
    this will not give you the proper measurement.
    To determine length of coat please measure
    from base of neck to base of tail (C).

    Using these measurements, the coat will fit properly.

    Select the sizes below based on your measurement.
    The extra velcro will allow the coat to fit a range of sizes
    which is wonderful for rescue groups or homes with multiple dogs.
    Our coats come in FIVE sizes.
    Sizes may vary slightly.

  • EXTRA SMALL which fits 11 inch - 13 inch girth

  • SMALL which fits 14 inch - 16 inch girth

  • MEDIUM which fits 17 inch - 20 inch girth

  • LARGE which fits 21 inch - 23 inch girth

  • EXTRA LARGE which fits 24 inch - 27 inch girth

  • LENGTH you will be asked when ordering
    for length from base of neck to base of tail

    Prices for coats, including first class shipping within the continental US are:
  • $12 for Extra Small Coats

  • $14 for Small Coats

  • $16 for Medium Coats

  • $18 for Large Coats

  • $20 for Extra Large Coats

  • 100% of the coat sales go directly to paying for food and vetting expenses for the foster pupsters in the rescue.
    With so many seniors and special needs dogs, we have huge vet bills.
    Our volunteers donate all material and labor for the coat orders and for this reason

    A SPECIAL THANK YOU to our volunteers that help the pupsters.
    Approximately 2 hours of love goes into the completion of each coat.

    We have separated our fabrics into four mini stores
    for your shopping convenience.
    To order please click on the text or pictures below.

    Cotton/Flannel Lining

    Cotton/Cotton Lining

    Flannel/Flannel Lining

    Fleece/Fleece Lining

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