Almond's Forever Home Update

Forever Home

June 3, 2013
Hello, I just wanted you to know our new princess is doing great!! She is such a doll! Did you get the picture of her and her new sisters and brother on the chair with Daddy?
Almond does not run around the yard, she hops! Like a bunny rabbit, too cute! At first Sarah was a little bit standoffish with her but today they started playing and chasing each other! Almond follows Sarah all over the house and us too! She snuggles right in bed with the gang and us and sleeps great!
Thank you soooooo much for our new sweetie, don’t worry about her, we love her and will take great care of her!!
Almond sends kisses and hugs,

June 10, 2013
Hello Jan,
Our new princess, Almond, has only been with us a week and is officially spoiled! She is a total delight and surely holds her own with the bigger pups, I watched her plow into Sarah to get some toy she wanted when they were playing and she can still out run them all. She is quick!
I sat out back yesterday in a lounge chair reading a book and enjoying the sunshine and she was right there with me the entire time, if she got warm she went under the chair and in the shade and then a little while back up on my chair. Ha.
So hope all is well in your world of beautiful pups and God Bless you for your safe keeping of those beautiful babies!!
Almond sends kisses and says don’t worry she likes it here!

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