Candice's Forever Home Update

Forever Home

December 20, 2018
Merry Christmas Jan and Bruce!
I’ve been watching your Facebook posts and so happy to see all of them. Candice is doing very well and rules the house! She’s so good and a loving soul. She and Merlin do very well together. He’s turning 19 soon, and she really likes to mother him. Lays close to him on the couch and seems to be aware of everything that goes on here. I believe she sleeps with one eye open! Her health is good, and she’s keeping her slender figure. She’ll come over and dance around when she has to go out, and is so proud that she knows to do that! I hope you and the pupsters have a very Happy New Year! I think of you often.
Best wishes,
Laurie, Candice, and Merlin

October 27, 2020
Hi Jan!
Sweet Candice is still hanging in there. I think she’s blind in one eye. She does like to go out on the deck, in fair weather to bark at things! I think she mothers Merlin who turns 21 in December. They both have vision problems, and they sleep a lot. They’re my best friends and keep me company during the long winter months and now the pandemic. Your website looks great! Can’t wait to see the calendar!
Best to you and Bruce,

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