Champagne's Forever Home Update

Forever Home

December 2, 2012
Good Evening Jan,
We made it home safe and sound. Champagne traveled just fine scared, but was very good. She just laid on her blanket or I held her and she was very good. She remains timid and hiding under a tent I made for her .... but check out who is peeking around to find us. She ventures out very little. Will not walk on the leash and just stands there... so will work on that, but I will get the portable fence out tomorrow and have her use that for now till we can go on walks. Not eating right now but bet she will tomorrow. I think she is going to connect with me because when Stan holds her she is always looking at and for me. I have let her hide for a little while under the table and am going to get her to be with me now. Stan is going to send along some pictures. I just love her and thank you for sharing her with me. Will keep you posted as the hours go by.
Talk later,

December 2, 2012

Good news she just finally ate a little and is following me all over and even walked around with me outside on the leash. I'm thrilled.

December 2, 2012
Oh, forgot to tell you she has been giving me sweet kisses so that is good. We moved her tent into the living room with us. She stayed in that for just a little while but right now she is lying on the couch with me and let me comb her. OK have a great night and Champagne sends kisses to you guys.

December 3, 2012
Good Morning Jan,
All is going much better than I expected. She slept good last night without any whinning or crying. She has not had any accident in the house at all. Went out this morning and did all her duties outside. We are going to try going for a walk with Tashi and Stan here shortly. She is following me around and stays very close to my heels so I have to be careful not to step on her. She even played with one of Tashi's squeeky toys. Not much interaction between Tashi and Champagne yet but hopefully that will change. She ate really really good this morning and just gulped it down like she had not eaten in a week. Soooo I feel real real good about how things are going.
Love to you both and all the other dogs. Still will keep you posted.
Stan, Deb and Champagne

December 3, 2012
What a wonderful day we have had. Still no accidents in the house. Champagne went shopping today and picked out a new harness and leash at Pet's Mart in Saginaw. No grass growing under her feet Jan. She did so so good. Still quite clingy to me though. Late this afternoon after getting back from Saginaw she finally put her tail up telling me she is happier. Her tail has been down since we picked her up until this afternoon. Stan has attached pictures of her on our walk. She is not wearing her new harness or leash yet but will get that out for tomorrow. She seems to be doing really good Jan I am happy. Have a great evening.
Stan, Deb, Champagne and Tashi

December 4, 2012
Hi Jan,
Champagne is just so cool. I just had to drop a note to tell you she just came to me to let me know she had to go outside and pee (that is the first time she has let me know on her own). She still has not done anything in the house. Still remains somewhat timid. I seem to be her safety zone so she really clings and hangs onto me which I do not mind at all. She seems to be doing real well. Just wanted you to know.

December 13, 2012 Dear Jan,
Champagne is doing well. Everyday she seems to be adjusting and becoming happier than the day before. I just love her and I am pretty sure she loves me. For some reason she remains very guarded and defensive to Stan. She runs and hides from him. We are trying to work on that by having him feed her and hold her. She is fine but guarded in his lap. Still timid I guess but like I said each day it seems to get better. She is starting to play and run around more every day. She is just now starting to interact with Tashi a little more. Tashi will try to get her to play with her but Champagne won't quite come out of her shell. I keep talking to her and telling her how much we love her and want her to be happy and love us. I just think it will take a little more time and comfort levels will improve. She loves to have me hold her and rock her. She is going to the groomer on the 19th for a bath and light trim will send you pictures. I also have a Vet appointment for her set up just to meet and greet the vet and give them all her info. Our vet has been on vacation since we got Champagne so had to wait. One thing I need to know is what did you use on Champagne for fleas. I forgot if you told me so if you could fill me in on that I will let the vet know. All in all I am happy with how things are going. I thought it would take her longer than this to start her adjusting. Still doing very well with very few accidents in the house. She is very good about that. I just love her and hope she will warm up to Stan. She has claimed a foot stool to a chair I sit in as hers. That is what she was laying on as I decorated the little tree in the living room. We just put our live tree up in the family room today and she was very playful doing that.
Thanks so much Jan. Stan and Deb

December 25, 2012 Dear Jan,
Good Morning and Merry Christmas Mom Dad and Pupsters.
I just wanted to wish you all a very Merry Christmas. My new Dad took these pictures of me so I could send them on to you all. Aren't I beautiful. I visited my new groomer and she just raved about me and my new vet thought I was a very nice looking girl. My new digs is pretty coool. I still remain timid and guarded to my new Dad and sister though. My new sister is very nice to me but just don't play with her a whole lot as of yet. I love my new mom and she loves me a whole lot. We sit and talk lots and she is really good at giving belly rubs and petting and kisses are great. I have been visited by my new neighbors who wanted to meet me but just stayed in moms arms till they left. My new vet told my new mom to just give me time as it may take awhile. All in all I am hanging in there and am being taken very good care of. I love you all and wish you all a very Merry Christmas.

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