Chessie & Cubbie's Forever Home Update

Chessie & Cubbie's
Forever Home

February 29, 2012
Hi Jan,
Thank you for the GREAT pics....the babies look so CUTE!
The babies have arrived safely at their new home. They both were little angels in their carrier. I carried them around the airport with the top open so they could see their surroundings. Chessie is very curious. Cubbie slept most of the time. I was able to place them in an empty seat next to me on our flight home. It was a great situation and a both flights were smooth.
Last night Cubbie was initially shaking and nervous when we arrived home, but today he is just as perky and darling as could be! He is adorable! Chessie is being very low key. I took her outside last night and this morning to do her business. She just sat there and then ran to the end of the gate. I went to pick her up and she was very skitterish and a little snappy. Did not bite but I know she is still uncertain of her new environment. She is so beautiful.
Regarding Chessie's Milk Thistle. How much do you give her daily and how do you administer it?
The panties are GREAT! They actually fit Chessie and seem very comfortable. Let me know when I can order some.
It was nice to see Bruce...he is a very nice man. I did missing seeing you....I hope all is well and the weather stays kind.

March 3, 2012
Hi Jan,
Just wanted to give you an updae on Chessie. Yesterday, she came up to me and I got a kiss from her. This evening she seems more relaxed and was eager to eat. I think we are making progress.
Cubbie gets very excited when it is time to eat. He is always looking for a hand out. Both are a them!

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