Coconut's Forever Home Update

Forever Home

February 15, 2013
Good Morning,
Well I thought I would send you my newest pictures, I am sitting with my two sisters and my cousin, but I think mom is going to keep him, then he will be my brother. His name is Gizmo. I love my new home, I have a big bed to sleep in, my mom and dad have these ramps which makes it real easy for me to get up and down on things, its real cool. I was afraid at first but now I can even slide down if I want to. I miss my doggy door, but mom and dad take me out every few hours. I was a little nervous at first but now I lover their yard. My sisters kinda of ignored me at first now it is OK, Gizmo is showing me all the ropes, but I heard mom tell Gizmo not to show me his bad habits. Not sure what that means, but when I get him alone I will find out. I want to thank you for taking the time to find my forever home I love my new parents, they treat me sooooo well. I warmed up to them really fast about a day, they are so patient, I still have a couple of accidents, but they keep telling me it takes time and we have all kinds of time. Anyway got to go, I mean really I have to go out now.
Licks and kisses

March 7, 2013
Coconut is doing great, he is such a sweet dog. Starting to play with all the toys, he brought out about 25 yesterday, chews on one then gets tired and go and get another. Going out side with out us having to pick him up and take him. He can be stubborn, but most peke's are, Just now as I am typing this, the yorkie got into coconut's bed and he did not want to share, and I heard a growl, I looked down at Coconut and told him he needed to share just like the others. Put Gizmo in the bed and they were giving kisses to each other. I guess they made up. I am so glad we decided to get him. I taught him to High Five, well he is lying down but he gives me his paw. He will do anything for a treat, he cracks me up. Have a good day,

May 29, 2013
Hi Aunt Jan,
This is Coconut checking in again, I must say I love my new home. Mom and Dad had people over and I was not scared. I ran up to them and they petted me. I go outside a lot because Dad is always out there doing work in the yard. I still have accidents and mom just gives me one of these looks, I think it is a look of disappointment that I did not go outside or use the relief station, but I will keep trying. Mom tells me that I do not play nice, I run in the yard and Cinnamon or Ginger will run after me then I growl at them, I think this is a bad thing. Mom said maybe over the summer running around I will learn that they only want to run with me and jump on me and play. I attached a couple of new pics. Mom also told me I have finally learned that there will always be food and that I finally learned to wait as you can see in one photo, That is Ginger and Gizmo eating and my turn is next. Well got to run.
Lots of Kisses,

June 14, 2015
Hi Jan,
Just to drop a note that Coco is doing great, he is very smart but stubborn like his sisters, but none the less we love him to death. I attached a recent pic of him. I do have one question, I was updating all information on my dogs and noticed that I have no info if coco was microchipped. There was nothing in his paperwork, would you by chance know and if he was do you have the chip number, I want to register all my dogs with the same place in the event (god forbid) if one or more got loose. If he was not I will get that done immediately.
Thanks and have a great day,

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