Della's Forever Home Update

Forever Home

February 28, 2012
Della is doing great! She is still a little shy around the other dogs but is starting to associate a little more with them.
She mostly wants me to hold her, and that is fine, except that I want her to spend some time with the others.
At night she sleeps in her bed next to ours, but sometimes she stands on the side as if to say,
pick me up. She then lays back down in her bed until morning.
She is eating well and using the pee pee pad.
She seems very innocent and shy- we have not seen that other side of her that you spoke of yet.
She does get excited now when I come into the room and she will run around and wag her tail.
I think that she is adapting well and I am home with her all day so I think that helps.
She is just adorable and we already love her to death!
I will keep in touch and if you want to know anything just let me know.

March 8, 2012
Hi there,
Just wanted to give you an update on Della.
She is doing just great! She is the most loving dog I have ever seen.
She loves to give you kisses and cuddle.
She loves to greet everyone who comes into the house as she dances around as she is so excited.
Thanks again for allowing us to have her in our home.
We just love her!
Diane Carson

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