Dumplin's Forever Home Update

Forever Home

January 5, 2013
Hi Jan,
Just a quick note for tonight to let you know that Dumplin made it home just fine. Traveled really well without any problems. Matter a fact did not get too far and decided we could all ride in the front seat as she was being so good. So Champagne, Dumplin and I got in the front and finished our trip. She was so good. She is very inquisitive and checking everything out. No hiding for her. She loves her food and we are discovering that we are going to have to leave Tashis food up and away. Champagne never bothered it but our little munster will. She is just a sweetie. Have sent pictures to our kids and neighbors. She ate real well. My big news is though that Champagne actually played with one of the squeaky toys you sent home with us. That is the first she has really played with a toy that much. Girls are all getting along just fine. No blitzing yet though. Dumplin too interested in investigating and checking out everything. She is always wanting to get in Stans Lap Cool Huh.... We will send pictures tomorrow and let you know how the night went.
Love from us all.

January 6, 2013
Good evening Jan,
Dumplin continues to do just fine. She and Tashi chased each other around today and Champagne played with her briefly with a toy. She is a eating machine so Tashi is getting used to eating twice a day with Dumplin and Champagne as we can't leave Tashi's food out or Dumplin eats too much. She is doing real well with going potty. Nothing in the house yet (knock on wood). She is also doing much better on the leash. Loves Stan and crawls all over him. She naped with me and Champagne this afternoon on the couch..She slept with us at foot of bed last night and did fine. Tashi did let her know that up by dads chest is her area though, and she is not allowed there. Soooo I think all is going just fine. The owner of the antique store called us today to find out how it was going with our new puppy. She has met Champagne so we will take Dumplin over in a couple days to meet her. She was one of the people you called about us and she is always interested in our dogs. She cryed with me when I told her about Princess. So she is happy for us. Stan sending along a picture Our Sweet Trio. Will keep you posted.
Love from us all.

January 13, 2013
Hi Jan, Quick updates. Dumplin is doing just fine. She loves us both but seems to gravitate to Stan the most. Follows him all over and loves to cuddle in any clothes he may leave on the floor. She has visited the vet for a meet and greet and the vet thought that they had done a great job on her surgery. She thought she was very sweet and thinks we got two very nice dogs from you,( Well we sure could have told her that). Dumplin also visited the groomer just for a quick trim up on her face. All three go on the 29th for their scheduled Grooming. Groomer thought she was so cute. Said she does a male that is small and similar in color to Dumplin. Dumplin is real good at getting all the toys out of the box then if you put them away she just gets them out again. She is just so loving and such a cutie. Champagne has improved strides everyday to Stan. Still runs from him but at times stays in the same room with him when I get up and leave for a minute. Champagne is just such a love. Her and I have a great bond and love each other very much. It is funny as Champagne loves the little squeeky toy you sent home and she is playing around the house with that. But the other find is in the doggy toy box she found an old pig that was really a baby toy but it sings 'This little piggy'... when pushed, so I got it for Tashi as a garage sale one day. Tashi played with it but now, Champagne has claimed it and just loves it. She will play with that for quite awhile at a time and pushes it to over and over to say 'This Little Piggy Went to Town'. It is just so cute to watch.... Sooo .... They are doing real well. We did forget how much it takes to keep up with a youngster. It is all worth it though. Love them all to pieces. Here is a couple pictures. You will see how Dumplin likes to sleep on occasion.
Love to all,
Stan, Deb, Tashi, Champagne and Dumplin

January 24, 2013
Hey Jan and Bruce, Thought we better drop a line about our sweeties. So here goes....Stan had to be gone for part of the day today and I believe Dumplin missed him alot as she has not let go of him since he got home. Has been by his side in the chair all evening. It is so cute. Don't know what it will be like tomorrow night as he has to leave at 6:30 in the morning and not home till around 6 pm. So she will really be on his heals tomorrow night. Am worried about Sat. as I have to work at the antique mall on Sat leaving Champagne home alone with Stan. Worried about how he is going to get her outside but we will work through it somehow. Will let you know how it went. She still wants nothing to do with him yet small strides are made but very small. We just love out three Sweeties so much. Dumplin and Champagne both have become little 'gadabouts' and want to go for rides. Everytime we get ready they think they are going bye bye. It is funny. Now Jan we are not people to dress our dogs up as I think that humiliates them .... however .... our girls do have coats to wear outside when cold and a sweater to wear at night if it is cold. Sooooo....Stan thought it would be cute to have the dogs do a Fashion Show for you so he will be attaching pictures of them. Champagne does not look very happy but she really does like to have her sweater on at night to help keep her warm on extra cold nights. So enjoy the pictures. Also cute story....We ended up buying one new bed that we thought was a nice bed with sides for leaning against. Tashi claimed it first after bringing it home, then Champagne claimed it soon as Tashi got out of it.....So guess what happened...The next day Stan went and bought another one so they would both have one. Dumplin likes the big round pillow we have or even better is getting on one of the pillows on the couches. Well enough about my sweeties. Hope you are all staying warm. Will be in touch again. The Girls are looking kinda shaggy with their grooming on Tues. Yeaaaaaa. Love to all,
Stan, Deb, Tashi, Champagne, Dumplin

February 10, 2013
Dear Jan and Bruce,
Boy are we behind in keeping up. Girls are just great and we just love them dearly. Guess who ended up sleeping in bed with us right in between Stan and I last night. Champagne decided she was missing out sleeping in a warm bed I guess. Slept right next to Stan too without sitting up and starring at him. She still runs and hides from him especially when I am not here.... Dumplin is doing great and just loves everyone. She just loves to play in the snow. It is quite a site when I try running to keep up with her on the leash so she can run and play in the stuff. Hope you survived the snow storm last Fri. We got about 12 inches. Boy oh boy did it get cold.... The 'Main' reason we send this email is ... Both girls wanted to send Valentines wishes along, so .... We all say "Happy Valentines Day" to you two and all the Pupsters. Girls also say thanks so much for saving them and giving them a second chance to be so loved and by the way, so SPOILED. Stan and I enjoy them so much. Stan will be attaching some pictures so enjoy.
Happy Valentines
Stan, Deb, Tashi, Champagne and Dumplin

March 7, 2013
Good morning Jan,
Stan and I was just talking yesterday that we need to update you and send some St. Patricks day pics. Champagne and Dumplin is doing just fine.They are both just lovies and are thriving. Dumplin loves to be rocked as does Champagne. I will have Champagne on my hip lying next to me and dumplin crawls up in my arms and turns upside down and falls asleep while I rock. She does that with Stan too when he is sitting she loves to curl up in his arms turn upside down and take her naps. At night it is funny as right between us is a row of dogs the lenght of the bed. It is so funny. Dumplin crawled up me this morning to get under the covers into my arms after Stan got up. Champagne loves for me to brush her. She lays there just relaxed and enjoys. Dumplin on the other hand is just too busy to be brushed. Champagne still runs and hides from stan but then turns around and stands by him for apples and other treats. Still just can't understand that. Champagne loves to go for rides. She gets very excited when she thinks she is going by by. They all three ride laid out between us as we go down the road. Well anyway I could go on and on. Jest is they are fine. Just really wish Champagne would get over her Stan issue. There is times she seems to let her quard down and do things around or in front of him like play with Dumplin then all of a sudden she darts off away from him. We just love them to pieces though. Will get some pics and send along later.
Love from us all to all of you there,
Stan, Deb, Tashi, Champagne and Dumplin

April 1, 2013
Happy Easter to you all,
Well it was just a relaxing Easter Sunday here at our house with just our three sweet girls. Girls are playing with their new Rabbit. Champagne sure does not like her picture taken, so you are getting the best we can get. On the other hand Dumplin is just a ham. Yesterday all three got to go for a long walk in the sun and nice weather. Dumplin and Champagne really enjoyed that. They stopped and visited with the neighbors for awhile. That walk really tired them out and they spent the afternoon sleeping. They got to watch Basketball playoffs with us today. Don't think that was a big hit with them so they snoozed. Sending you some pictures so enjoy them. One picture depicts most every morning. The three girls and I are the last ones up. So when we get up Tashi cuddles in the blanket on the couch next to Stan, Dumplin cuddles up on Stans Chest or in his arms till I get ready to take them outside. Champagne stays cuddled in bed till I go and get her (must be nice huh)..I do always give them hugs and kisses from you all and they send them back to you. Hope you enjoyed your Easter Day and that all is going well. Tell all the Pupsters that Dumplin and Champagne give a big Bark and Lick to them all. Dumplin and Tashi was Blitzin today but Tashi heads Dumplin off when she circles around the chairs so she cheats a little.
Good Greetings to you all and enjoy
Stan, Deb, Tashi, Champagne and Dumplin

April 17, 2013
Hey Jan,
Finally a taste of spring. The girls are loving it and want to go outside all the time. Nice to finally take some longer walks in a little nicer weather at least for the last couple days. You are not going to believe this but we bought a dog stroller at an auction......Now who rides in it I am not sure but we have it if we need it so all can go at once. One walk awhile then switch off. ... We always wanted to get one for Princess and was about to then she went to heaven so we put it off. . . This one was available and went at a good price so we picked it up. Anyway all continues to go well. Champagne still being Champagne but, then turns around and will walk right by him so who knows. She sure climbs all over him in bed though when it is time for the bedtime apples. Dumplin just loves to be on the go. Anytime Stan gets ready to go somewhere Dumplin is right there with Tashi saying don't forget me. Champagne loves that as then she gets to be home all alone with me..... I have to tell you this story... I bought a Talking Doll at auction real cheap to put on eBay. This doll is quite tall and talks and moves her eyes. Champagne was just enthralled with her. She seems to like toys like that that talk. She was so curious and just wanted to be with the doll. That was real cute. OK Stan attaching a picture. Only thing I can say is where am I suppose to sit ????? Quite the little numbers huh??? Love them to pieces. Be good and take care. Give all the pupsters lots of love from all of us here at the Brant Household.
Stan, Deb, Tashi, Champagne and Sweet Dumplin

May 14, 2013
Just checking in first to find out how you are doing and hope that all is well with you and you are feeling fit as a fiddle. Second just letting you know the girls are doing great. Dumplin loves to come in and help on the computer. She sits on the desk and watches the arrow go around. She is so cool. Champagne is doing just fine. They go on their first road trip to help mom and dad sell. Champagne loves to go into the camper so am hoping for the best. Will update you on how they do when we get back next week.
Take care and hope all is well.

May 29, 2013
Morning Jan and Bruce and Pupsters,
Well we traveled a long way to Springfield Ohio to a show down there and the girls did so good. Champagne standoffish still to people but she did let a gentleman come up to her while I was holding her and she let him pet her without growling. Dumplin was a huge hit. Stan would put her on our paying and wraping table and stand there with her and she just got all kinds of ooo's and aaaa's. Someone referred to her as our custumer alert. Working on curtailing her barking when people is around. She is like a sponge trying to absorb all the new stuff that goes on around her. It is so cute to watch her learning. Everyone loves her color and their hair cuts. For Tashi it was just old hat. She is used to it. Tashi likes to lay on a blanket on one of our large tubs. Champagne and Dumplin enjoyed being out in the portable fence and just watching and taking all in also. So they have been broke in and I was very pleased with how they did. Last night Champagne laid on my lap check while I brushed her and she just looked into my eyes so lovingly. She still remains very guarded around Stan except when he has treats for all. I hope all is going ok there and hope you survived any storms that went through last night. We had lots of activity here with tornadoes going through more toward Flint. Nasty weather. Had enough rain. Well will talk later. Hope your Holiday was good.
Stan ,Deb and Girls

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