Estee's Forever Home Update

Forever Home

April 27, 2011
Hi Jan,
Estee is doing very well! She loves going for walks with her harness, although we're still working on the retractable leash and have stuck with the regular leash for now. She has 2 dog friends on either side of her that she plays with sometimes too. She knows her morning routine of going outside and eating and knows when it's bedtime. She has her own little stairs to get into my bed and although she was sleeping at the foot of the bed at first, now she sleeps right next to me and cuddles up. Everyone in the neighborhood adores her when we go for walks and she is always welcome with them. I'm going to send you pics soon, including the one of her in her little Easter dress which she proudly wore for a photo. She isn't really interested in her toys, she just wants attention from me and follows me around the house and watches everything I do during which I talk to her and she listens to everything I say. She likes when I fold laundry that just came out the dryer and she likes to roll around in the clean warm clothes. We are two peas in a pod and she has enriched my life greatly thus far! Hope all is well on the farm!

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