Finnegan's Forever Home Update

Forever Home

August 30, 2012
Hi Auntie Jan,
Yesterday for the first time I decided it would be ok if my daddy held me! Mom showed him just how to do it the way I like it and you know what,
he did a good job! He made sure I could still see mom with the other babies and he was very gentle.
I love sleeping in my cuddly beds and will now share with my 7 other brothers and sisters.
I'm getting close to taking food from my mom, we're working on that.

July 29, 2012
Hi Jan,
Just got home a little while ago and Finney slept most of the way home and never made a peep. When we got home I put him in his crate in the rooms with the other babies and opened the door. It took him about 5 minutes before he came out but then he came right out and ate some dinner, pooped and peed.
The amazing thing was he let me pick him up and take off his belly band! He will let me hold him and will sit next to me on the couch with some of the other babies.
I was amazed, I'm giving him some time with the babies and Dan while I'm on the computer. You were absolutely right when you said he won't mind the other babies and he doesn't.
Thank you again for trusting us enough to give us Finnegan, we will love him and everything will be ok.
It must be so hard to see a baby leave you, you are doing such good work.
As always, you are my hero!!
Love ya,
Pam, Dan, & The Kids

July 30, 2012
Hi Jan,
Finnigan had a great night! He slept right thru in one of baby beds right next to Peanut all night. He ate this morning without any problem.
He is still very cautious with Dan but will come to him and smell, a good sign.
Thanks again for allowing us to adopt Finney, we love him already so much!!

August 1, 2012
Hi Jan
Finney is doing fabulous! He is now talking when he wants to see me and is coming to me when I call his name. He is starting to stand around my feet like he did with you and is letting me pick him up more and more. Yesterday for the first time I saw him sleeping with Nellie in the same bed.
We love him so much and so do the other babies.
It was great to see you!

August 8, 2012
Hi Jan,
Well, Finnegan was a great traveler up to Gladwin and seemed to really enjoy "up north", he fits right into our little family!! He will now come right up to me and wants to be picked up and will sleep on my lap. He is also comfortable now touching the other babies when he is sleeping alongside the others.
We love him so much and are so grateful you were willing to give him to us, we feel very blessed.
Take Care,

August 17, 2012
Hi Jan,
Finney is doing great!
He is getting very close to taking food from my hand and now joins in when treats are being handed out.
We are working on him being more comfortable with Dan, little steps but he is coming along.
He is such a doll and we are so lucky to have him!!
Love ya,

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