Godiva's Forever Home Update

Forever Home

May 17, 2014
Hi All,
We made it home and without any challenges. Here is a pic of Godiva. ..which seems is going to be her favorite place! She is tired and I am sure she will sleep well tonight. It was so nice seeing all of you. We will be in contact and will share more pics soon!
Sylka, Swizzle, Godiva, Ron, & Madelaine

May 25, 2014
Hi Jan,
Godiva is doing GREAT!!! She has acclimated very well. Eating well and started playing with Swizzle. The new routine is that, while I am getting ready for work, they run around the room and chase each other. Here are some pictures. Will send more as we take them.
Send you hugs and love!
The Carpenter's

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