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Hansel & Gretel's
Forever Home

January 9, 2011
Hi Jan,
They are settling right in... I gave them some apple when we first got here, then we went for a walk around the motel so they could go pee, but they didn't. We came back in and they snuggled up on the bed and have gone right to sleep.
Gretel is still a little skittish, but I know she will come around. I LOVE THEM! Thank you again... soooo very much!
Catchya later - CB & HG :)

January 10, 2011
Good morning Jan,
Just wanted to let you know, we had a pretty good night... babies slept from about 10:00 til 5am. We got up and went out for a pee (and they did!) then came back to the room and had a little bit of apple, another nap til 7:15 then I gave them their breakfast. We've been wandering up and down the halls and walking around the hotel most of the morning... if they aren't tired enough to sleep on the flight, I will be!!! I gave them hugs and kisses from you last night and this morning... I LOVE them Jan... they have captured my heart fully and completely! :) Luvya - Catchya later - CB & HG :)

January 11, 2011
Hi Jan... well, things didn't go quite as planned! Our flight out of Grand Rapids was late leaving, so we missed the connection in Minneapolis... had to wait in Minneapolis airport for 3 hrs. I wasn't supposed to take the babies out of their carrier, but I took them into the bathroom, took them out, and sat on the floor with them... they were soooooo good! They welcomed everyone who came in and everyone thought they were just THE most adorable puppies they'd ever seen! I put some paper towel down on the floor and Hansel had a great big pee on it, Gretel however didn't go. I tried to get her to go when we arrived in Minot... Nope... then when we had to stop at the border... Nope. She held it till we got home and I put her in the little "snow pen" I dug out for them and then I thought she'd never stop!! The drive home was okay, but it was snowing and blowing a bit and the roads were a little snowy. The visibility was very poor when I'd meet a vehicle, but I just took it slow and we made it okay. Hansel & Gretel slept most of the way. Hansel is up on the counter with me helping me type this and Gretel is sleeping on my lap. I have about 10 e-mails to respond to... friends and relatives wondering if we got home and how the trip was, etc!! I think everyone was almost as excited as me!! Hansel & Gretel didn't get their supper tonite until we got home which was almost 10:30 and I forgot to give them their supplements... oh well, they'll get them tomorrow! They slept on the plane and in the car on the way home, so they may not sleep at all tonite... Well, Jan, just wanted to let you know we made it... settled in?... well, that might take a couple of days... but at least we made it to their FOREVER home. Thank you one more time for doing such a wonderful job of raising them this far, and for giving me the honor of continuing this labor or love! Luvya - catchya later - CB

January 12, 2011
Hi Jan,
The twins had a WONDERFUL day today! They came over to the salon with me while I worked from 1 - 4 and they were the BEST babies ever!
I bought a little play pen for them to be in while they are there, and they didn't mind it at all! They certainly LOVED all the attention they got.
Everyone who came in just fell in love with them; they certainly know how to turn on the charm! They are both sleeping now and have been since about 8:00... it's 9:30 now... and I'm wondering if I should wake them up to have a little play so they will sleep tonite, but with all the excitement they've had lately, I think maybe I'll just "let sleeping dogs lie" literally!
This morning they had beef short ribs and raw carrots, and tonite they had 2 split chicken wings each and some apple for desert. At 8:00, cuckoo treat time, I offered them some raw sweet potato, but they weren't interested in it, so I guess the wings and apple must have been enough for them.
It still surprises me how little they pee. Hansel has only peed once today and Gretel twice. Neither of them have had a poop, altho they both had one late last night. Ooooops... spoke too soon! They both just woke up and I offered them some sweet potato and they pigged out! I got them to "sit" before I gave them any; I think they've figured that one out!
I just took them outside and Hansel peed, but Gretel didn't. I thought they were all done, so we came back in and Hansel then proceeded to poop on the floor! Sheesh!! LOL
We just played fetch. Hansel did all the fetching and Gretel watched. She's quite happy just to be a spectator and take notes on what's going on!
They discovered the bay window today, and I put a fluffy afghan in it and they love sitting up there watching the people go by. Hansel growls a little but Gretel just watches! I don't think he realizes that he's only 8 lbs... he has a rotweiler heart in "maltipootzu" body! :)
A client asked me today, what breed of dog they are... he's really into hunting and has a beautiful black lab that he goes bird hunting with... so I told him they were bird dogs, too... they hunt hummingbirds! :)
I trimmed Gretel's face this morning, and she sat perfectly. I took the "mustache" off her and she looks beautiful! More like Tessa, I think. I was going to trim Hansel's face too, but he was having NONE of that! That's okay "real men" wear mustaches! It makes it easier to tell them apart too. I posted a picture on Facebook today of them in the window. You can see Gretel's face trim in that picture.
I was going to go into Brandon tomorrow to pick up some more Nature's Variety frozen food, but thought I'd phone before I went just to make sure they carry what I wanted. Glad I did, because they don't carry the frozen raw. They carry the freeze dried raw and the cans. The fellow there said that the freeze dried is more for treats or for convenience when traveling, but I'm wondering if you are familiar with the canned food and if you would recommend it, or should I wait til I get to Saskatoon and pick some more frozen there?
Well, it looks like these two are done playing now, so I'm gonna get them into bed (and I'll follow immediately) for the night.
Hope you don't mind me prattling on and on, but I enjoy talking about them and sharing with you. Take care, Jan
Luvya - Catchya later - CB

January 13, 2011
Hi Jan,
Another GREAT day in Moosomin, Saskatchewan! These babies are a dream come true!
They spent some more time @ the salon with me today and I have to tell you, they are just the BEST babies ever. I finally heard Gretel bark today! There was no one in the salon except my staff and I so I let them out of their play pen to run and play in the waiting room. A lady came in unexpectedly and Gretel let her know that she didn't have an appointment... it was just toooooo cute. That is the first time she has barked... Hansel "speaks" on a regular basis, but not annoyingly.
I bought them new harnesses for them today. I found the other ones a "pain" to put on. I either had them inside out or upside down! I got Hansel a blue one and wanted a pink one for Gretel, but could only find a red one, but it makes it easier to tell them apart at a glance!!
I'm having quite a time with the "pottying". They do NOT like to go out in the cold and HATE the snow on their feet but I stay out with them for several minutes telling them to go potty, but they just stand there, shifting from foot to foot wanting to go back in... so, we come back into the house, and what do they do?, promptly piddle on the floor! Sheesh! LOL I'm thinking I'll just leave the potty training until the weather warms up and there is grass beneath their feet. I bought some "piddle pads" and have put them where each of them seem to like to go. Is this a wise move? or should I just continue trying to get them to go outside? One client suggested litter training them and another suggested a "piddle mat" (as seen on TV) that looks and feels like a piece of grass that absorbs the moisture, then you just throw it in the washer every other day or so. I'm hesitant to litter train because I've been told that litter training is "forever" and I really want them to go outside in the spring, summer and fall. I thought the grass mat idea might work for the winter, but the feel of the grass might make them want to go outside the rest of the year. What do you think? Dobo never used to like going outside in the winter either, but he'd go out and do his business very quickly then come right back in. If it was really cold, (or rainy - he hated the rain) he could hold it all day!!
I have been perusing the web looking for more raw diet distributors and have found one that I think looks very good. It looks like a very clean, family-run operation at Vanscoy, (just outside of Saskatoon, where my kids live) but they have distributors in smaller towns closer to me (one is only an hour away) so it would be convenient for me to get the product. I'd appreciate it if you would have a look at their website, when you get a chance, and let me know what you think. I value your opinion and would love your input on both these subjects.
I've included a picture that I just took this morning of the two of them sleeping on the couch. Gretel is on the cushion back and Hansel is on the toss cushion. They like to sleep like this. I guess they like to be together, but have their "own space" at the same time! I LOVE THEM!! :)
Take care Jan, say "hi" to Bruce for me, and keep loving those babies; you are wonderful! I'll keep loving these ones here!
Luvya - Catchya later - CB

January 15, 2011
Hi Auntie Jan,
We went out "visiting" today... we stopped in to visit our Mommy's friend, Val at a florist shop.
There were lots of new smells for us to check out there! She has a great, big room where she puts all the bedding plants in the spring time and she let us run around in there! We had a blast!
We chased each other and when we barked it make a funny sound... Mommy said it's called an "echo"!
While we were there, Val took a couple of pictures of us and Mommy said she's going to attach them to this e-mail.
Then we stopped in to visit our Auntie Heather at her fabric store. She has lots of little tables in her store with bolts of fabric on them. We played hide and seek among all the tables and it was lots of fun too. Auntie Heather came to visit us when we first got here and we were a little shy. She hadn't seen us since the first day, so she thought we'd really "come out of our shell" since then.
Next we went to visit Anna at the grocery store. She thought we were just the "best" and told Mommy she wants one just like us! Anna had a tear in her eye cuz she thought we were so cute. Mommy bought us some bananas when we were there so we had a banana treat when we got home. Yum!!
Hope you and Uncle Bruce are fine and please don't miss us too much, cuz we're really happy here and having lots of fun. Oh ya, and today I (Gretel) went pee outside in the snow, and Hansel wanted to too, but Mommy didn't understand his language and he had an accident in the porch. I think Mommy is finally getting trained tho'... we knew she'd figger it out before too long!
I think tomorrow we are going for a car-ride to a lady's place in Wolesley (Mommy said it's about an hour from here) and we're gonna pick up some Spring Meadows food from her.
Well, we're pretty tired after all that visiting, so I think we're gonna go have a nap now.
We love you!
Hansel & Gretel

January 21, 2011
Hi Jan,
It's been a couple of days since I've updated you on the twins' progress... we are all doing GREAT!
I was just getting ready to leave the salon this morning and my friend Shelley and her 3 yr old son Chase came in to meet H&G. (It's their little "Oreo" that I puppy-sit from time to time.) Chase was so good... he wanted to be friends with them sooooo badly, that he sat on the floor with me for almost 5 minutes til THEY came to HIM. Talk about patience! After he made friends with them and Shelley wanted to get a picture of us together... Chase decided the toys at the salon were more interesting than the puppies! So, the picture is of just me and H&G!!
Last night I opened up your website, just to see if there was anything new, and H&G were sleeping in their little bed beside the computer. As soon as they heard your voice on the website, they both popped their heads up and looked and looked at the computer... they cocked their heads from side to side wondering where you were. They still remember you, Jan... and they still love you! I know they will never forget how important you were to them in the first year and a half of their lives.
I will never be able to thank you enough for loving them enough to give them up to me. I am starting to realize how difficult it was for you and I love you for it! We are a great team, Hansel & Gretel and I... I can barely remember what life was like without them!
Oh yeah... "new things"... they have both learned "sit". Gretel learned within the first few days... Hansel took a little longer, but tonite when I gave them their "apple desert" Hansel sat as soon as I said the word... Yaaaayyyyy!! good babies!! Next "game" is gonna be "lie down" and then "don't touch" but we'll take it slowly... "Potty" is going really well too! Most days they're pretty good, but they still "forget" when it's REALLY cold... it was -40C here yesterday (which is the equivalent of 40 below F in your language!)
They are such good babies... I am sooooo blessed to have them! Thank you!
Take care, Jan & Bruce, and please don't miss them too much... they are in good hands... God's and Mine! :)
Luvya - catchya later - CB

January 23, 2011
Hi Auntie Jan & Uncle Bruce,
We went to Brandon yesterday and Mommy bought us some little jackets cuz it's been so cold out and we don't like going potty outside when it's this cold, so Mommy says our jackets will keep us warm when we go outside. Wouldn't ya know it, as soon as we got some warm jackets, the weather warmed up!! It's only -6C today and there's hardly any wind so Mommy says it feels almost "tropical" (whatever that is!)
She also bought us a "porta-potty"!! We didn't like to go pee and poop when we were on our rope, and Mommy was too scared that we might run away, to take us out when we weren't on our rope, so she bought this little "cage" thing for us to go potty in. We think it'll work just fine til spring when the man comes to build us a fence.
Mommy says we're going to go for a "walk" on our leash now, since the weather is nice, so we gotta go now and get our jackets on and away we'll go. We're gonna walk over to the grocery store and buy a few groceries and we can see Anna again. She thinks we're really special!
We love you...
Hansel & Gretel XOXOX
PS - guess what color our jackets are?? That's right, one pink, one blue; we had to go to 4 different stores to find matching jackets in the right colors... isn't Mommy silly? :)

January 29, 2011
Hi Jan,
Just a quick note... I finally got H&G to pose for some pics of their new trims... I think I sent you one of Gretel after I trimmed her, but here's one of Hansel too! I think they look awesome! They are such good babies, and everything is going fantastic.
It's turned really cold again, so they need their jackets to go outside!
I've been meaning to ask you how Tessa is doing. Did she seem to miss H&G after they left?
Take care - catchya later - CB

February 25, 2011
Hi Jan,
Just a quick note along with some new pictures.
The kids are doing just great! They met "Auntie Allie" (my daughter) and Gizmo (her little dog) last night for the first time.
They hadn't been around any little dogs since we left your place, so we wondered how they would get along. It only took them a few minutes to check each other out, then they got along famously! They played and chased and had a blast!
I knitted them some sweaters to keep them warmer when we go for our walks... it's just been so damn cold... and they love them! As soon as I get them out they know they're going for a walk!
They love the beef bones they get 2 or 3 times a week! These ones were almost as big as them!
Gretel has really fallen in love with Auntie Allie... she loves to cuddle right up to her face like in the picture.
Hope all is well with you and Bruce and the rest of the pupsters... give Tessa a hug and kiss from Hansel & Gretel and I.
Luvya - catchya later

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