Joy's Forever Home Update

Forever Home

March 31, 2011
Jan we had a good night. Joy is exploring her new environment. I thought she might like something to snuggle with and she immediately took a nap. Will you please clarify her feeding instructions. I want to make sure I have them right. She hasn't had any accidents. She is finding her way indoors easily but hasn't mastered the steps yet. We are taking things slow and she seems fine with everything. She barked with the other girls when Terry came in the house. She is the only dog to do what I call a "woo woo" bark. KoKo used to do that type of bark. She has found the bed under my desk and has snuggled down for a nap. She is so precious. She slept all the way home and wasn't a bit anxious. No panting or restlessness. My heart breaks to think about what she has been through.

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