Kiki's Forever Home Update

Forever Home

January 21, 2013 Hi Jan,
Ms. Kiki did really well on the plane, and continues to do well. She slept most of the way home. She's eating fine...and yea I see what you meant when you said "she can eat" She finished her food and tried to start on Jojo AND Baxter's food. In an effort to get Ms Kiki acclimated to Pat, she came over and "babysat" 3hrs for the past three days, and Ms Kiki "wasn't having any of that!" Pat, who's a retired nurse, said that Kiki didn't want anything to do with her and after I left to run my errands, Pat said she (Kiki) was kicking and fighting to get out of Pat's arms only to run into my bedroom where she gravitated to when I would leave. Initially I thought it was because it was the first meeting of Pat and Kiki, however by day three (today), Kiki was very persistent in her avoidances of Pat....soooooo....Kiki will be coming to Minnesota with me!!!! I was very hesitant to have her there because its very cold, but I'll keep her nice and bundled, as I do with BB. A few other friends stopped over and Ms Kiki, would hide her head under the fleece blanket she was lying on. Thats what KC use to do when I first got her. In fact, one day when I was cleaning, I thought Kiki was in the "doggie room" however she wasn't? I looked all over the house, and I was so so so upset, and tearful because I couldn't find her? I was standing in the kitchen calling my mother, and I happened to look down at the carrier and saw that she was sleeping in the carrier!!! I was very, very happy!!!!! I hadn't realized that she had gone in the carrier and had been there for at least 30 min! And since that time, if she gets scared, she runs back to the kitchen and jumps into the carrier, its really cute.
Thank you very much and just know that she is loved!
Take care

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