Left To Die

Tied to a post and left to die,
I began to feel it was my time to say goodbye.

Matted to the skin and covered in dirt,
Barely able to move because of the hurt.

I prayed and prayed for someone to come along,
Who would give me a home where I would belong.

As the hours passed I felt the end drawing near,
Wait, is that a human voice that I hear?

Suddenly gentle hands were stroking me,
And a sweet voice said as she knelt on her knees,

Have no fear sweet little one for I have arrived,
To help you heal so you will survive.

The next few days were nothing but a blur,
Bathing, love and good food were given by her.

As time passed my body and mind gradually healed,
During our outings I would run like the wind in the open fields.

The past ten years have been pure bliss,
Full of cuddles, hugs and every evening a good night kiss.

I leave this world contented and at peace,
My love for my rescue angel will never cease.

© Jan Collins 7-23-13
Our sweet little poo poo…oh, how you will be missed.

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