Mimzy's Forever Home Update

Forever Home

February 27, 2013
Hi Jan,
Mimzy was fabulous coming home! She sat on my lap, looked around some of the time and the rest of the time she slept. She came in and I introduced her to all the other babies, and Ivie, as she always does went right next to her and sat with her. I have a little tent bed and she seems to like going in there. She drank and ate dinner just fine. Thanks so much for always trusting us with your most precious babies, we can't thank you enough. We also always love talking to you when we make the trip, you are our hero. Take care and we'll keep in touch.
Love you,
Pam, Dan and the kids

February 24, 2013
Hi Jan,
Mimzy did great up north, great in the car and at the house! She is really beginning to cuddle with the other babies. We haven't heard her voice yet, did she bark for you or Judy. I know with Elvis and Finnigan it took a while. More snow coming Tuesday, stay warm!!
Love ya,
Mommy & Mimzy

March 8, 2013
Hi Jan,
I'm sitting here with Finnigan on my lap, he has become such a lover! Mimzy is doing great, she now gives the other babies kisses and sleeps in the beds with them. Still no voice, I know as a speech therapist there should be some sound even when she yawns and there is none, we'll see. Dan is in Florida this week visiting his parents and Crispin misses him the most, he is daddy's boy. All babies are doing great. I see Kenzie has found a home, I'm so glad.
Love to you and all the babies.

March 9, 2013
Me again, I was vacuuming and everyone was barking when I heard a new bark. It was Mimzy, loud and clear!! She's perfect!

April 2, 2013
Hi Jan,
Mimzy went for her first general check-up today and passed with flying colors. In April I take all the babies for check-ups and heartworm tests.
Hope you had a nice Easter holiday.

June 29, 2013
Hi Jan,
Love the talking yorkie on the foster journal. All our babies are doing great. Looks like you've been busier with adoptions and I know that helps the babies and your bottom line!
Take Care,

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