Nessie's Forever Home Update

Forever Home

July 5, 2013
Hi Jan---
Thought you might like to see some of the latest of our little gem. The first pic was unexpected but cute. It was on Father's Day. She decided to jump in my chair & just sit there! She didn't try to eat anything! Needless to say she was ushered down. The other 2 are on a swing we have along the seawall. She loves it, at least when Kathy is there. We've also coaxed her onto our pontoon for a ride but only if it's tied to the seawall, not on the lift. Her coat has filled out considerably, her weight is about 16 lbs & she's discovered chipmunks!! She has also, recently, discovered that there are grandkids of a neighbour 2 houses away who she loves & vice/versa. Again, we thank you for giving us Nessie. She is an absolute joy, especially when she first gets up & greets us with a big smile. She's the only dog we've had who makes us laugh first thing in the morning---and throughout the day ( you should see her "butt-rub")
Hope all is well with you & your oraganization. Keep up the good work.
Kim & Kathy

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