Prancin' and Dancin'

A little boy so gentle , loving and shy,
Was used for breeding until he lost the sight in his eyes.

We received a call asking if we would take him in,
And what a blessing this little boy was from beginning to end.

When people met him they just didn't know what to say,
For they could feel their hearts slowly melting away.

Once he knew he was safe and would never feel any more pain,
He emerged from his shell with enthusiasm more powerful than a freight train.

He would show his joy for life by beginning to dance,
Then he would suddenly begin to prance.

All we needed to say “Is Sydney we have company”,
And he would begin his prance and dance routine gingerly.

Being blind did not slow our little boy down at all,
It was a joy just watching him chase his ball.

He was the most lovable and amazing little boy,
Who filled every single day of our lives with joy.

Although heartbroken that our sweet little man had to part,
His memory will always be embedded deep within our hearts.

© Jan Collins 8-1-13
You gave us so much joy in our lives and all who met you.
There will come a day when we can hold you in our arms once again.

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