Rainie's Forever Home Update

Forever Home

November 16, 2014
Dear Jan,
Just wanted to let you know that little Rainie is doing well. She is still a bit standoffish. But seems to "want" contact with us even though she is still fearful. She is a good eater as you said... And we are not opposed to bribing her with food. You gave us a Baggie of dry food and we wanted to know what kind it was - as we are out of it. We got something from the pet store and she doesn't like it... So if we can purchase the same kind that would be good.
Well, we will stay in touch.
Teresa and Jay Letarte

November 23, 2014
Dear Jan,
Rainie is doing well. She has completely stolen our hearts!
Teresa and Jay

December 13, 2014
Hi Jan,
Here is a pic of our Christmas Angel. We just love her so much!
Thank you,
The Letartes

February 28, 2016
Hi Jan!
The girls are doing great. We just love them so much! Kenzie is a freak for her squeaky toy..... She sometimes gets too fixated on it and we have to put it away.... Funny thing is that she has such a good "nose" she can find it. Rainie is content to just sleep right next to me.... And occasionally she will sit in my lap.... I like that... But usually next to me. They get along very well together and are not taking any of the cats nonsense anymore. They are both completely house trained and just so sweet! I'll try to attach a photo.

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