Braden's Forever Home Update

Forever Home

September 19, 2011
Dear Auntie Jan,
Well here I am in my furever home! I was a really good girl in the car (so boring) and I got to play in my new backyard. I got a new necklace with pretty shiny things on it and now I make lots of noise when follow Mom and Dad around. I have a new bed too, but my new sister Foxy shares all her beds with me too! She's very nice to me and kisses me alot. Hope you don't miss me to much! I'll send you some more pictures after the Tooth Fairy comes
Bye for Now

November 8, 2011
Sorry for not emailing sooner, I was in Hong Kong for several weeks working. Rosanna is doing fantastic! spoiled rotten and loves her sister Foxy! They sleep cuddled up together in our bed every night.. She loves wandering in the yard during the afternoon, and is a favorite of my staff at United (brought her in to show her off). So funny, my husband had a poker game last Friday nite, and she was the hit of the game!! It was so funny to see all these old guys hugging and passing her around...she is just the sweetest thing. I will send you some pictures this week!
Thanks again for giving us this blessing

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