Samarra & Venchi's Forever Home Update

Samarra & Venchi's
Forever Home

February 9, 2012
Sammie found out if she stood on the arm of the chair she could see outside.
Now the chair is next to the window, with a pillow on the arm to boost her up.
She puts her paws on the window sill to look out, if she she sees a squirrel she goes bonkers.
They have name tags ordered with the names "Sammie" and "Vinnie".
Tomorrow I'll go and get Clinton County licenses.
Sammie has a burgandy colored collar, it had to be a different color than Maggie's, because when they are laying down with their faces away from me, I don't know who's who.
Vinnie got a brown color collar with bones on it, a good color for him, he doesn't need a bright color.
All is peaceful at night, they've been getting me up around 8:00,
Maggie got on the same side of the bed as Sammie & Vinnie were on this morning,
she's thinking of being friends.

March 1, 2012
They were both at the vet's Monday and are both good.
I moved my furniture around so they can look out either on the chair arm or the back of the couch.
Vinnie is very sweet and loves for me to play with him. Sammie is very possesive/protective of me,
when large dogs have been here she has a nasty attitude and sits on my lap and growls and barks - but she will get use to them.
She can have a Maggie attitude. Next week she will be meeting my friends dog that is Maltese/shih?,
hopefully they really like each other because "Trooper" will be with us for a couple of weeks in April.
The first few days Sammie didn't bark, surprise, she found her voice - but after a few barks I tell her to be quiet and she will stop barking.
Anyway that's what's going on.
They've made themselves at home and seem to be happy to be here.

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