Swizzle's Forever Home Update

Forever Home

April 5, 2013
Hi Jan & Judy,
Here is a pic of Swizzle at her new favorite spot! She explored the house for a little while & then she claimed this sofa as hers!!
She is doing very good. I think she feels our love and that she is at her forever home!!
She asked me to tell you, that she misses both of you and that she is very thankful that she got to spend the first year of her life with the Peke A Tzu family!!!
We will continue sharing her progress with you!
THANK YOU for giving so much love and care to her. We love her!!!
Ron, Swizzle, Sylka, & mom Madelaine

April 11, 2013 Hi Judy!
Thanks for such a lovely note!!
You are right... she has melted our hearts. She is such a lover and cute little girl. She is doing very good... actually, I will say... excellent!
Sylka and her are getting to know each other, but have made very good progress. Swizzle found another “favorite place”... which is my bed. She is sleeps next to me every night! Overall, I am very impressed of the progress that she has made. She is very smart!!
Love and hugs! We will stay in touch and we will certainly share more pics of the little girl!
Madelaine, Swizzle, & Sylka

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