Tacker's Forever Home Update

Forever Home

May 24, 2014
Hi Momma Jan,
I've had a great first day with my new parents and furry siblings. I was warmly welcomed by everyone, we all sniffed butts and know we will be very happy together. I got to go visit some of the neighbors, and I was really good on the leash, and everyone thinks I'm just the cutest and loves me. I fell in love already with one of the neighbor's Yorkie girls. She cried because her mom and dad wouldn't let her come down and play, but I just sat there staring, hoping she'd come down. She had come from a breeder in Reed City, and we two dogs looked so alike, they wondered if we were related. I've been outside alot with my new parents, and when I'm inside, I've been checking everything out, looking out the windows, and exploring the house. There are lots of beds around here, I'm trying to decide which one I want to sleep in. I think I might sleep with Little Emmy, the older blind Yorkie. She sleeps alot and is very mellow and doesn't mind if I share a blanket with her. Emmy's been much more active since I came home too, I guess she wanted a new baby to "keep an eye" on. Ok, well, I've had a busy, day and I'm tired, I fell asleep in my mom's arms a little bit ago, but I'm going to bed soon. Don't worry about me, my ears are up, my tail is wagging and I'm giving my new mom and dad kisses. They said they'll send pictures soon.
Kisses and tail wags,

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