Tessa's Forever Home Update

Forever Home

March 30, 2011
Hi Jan,
Hansel & Gretel weren't quite as excited, at first, as I thought they might be, but now that they've figured out what's going on they're playing and romping and having a blast! I'll get more pics etc, loaded onto FB as soon as I can... right now, it's puppy time!! Catchya later - Luvya!! :) CB& HGT

March 31, 2011
Good morning Jan,
Just to let you know... we all had a good nite... up once about 4:30 for a pee, but other than that we all slept til 6:30 (8:30 Tessa's time, so she was pretty hungry) we've just gotten breakfast over with and it's play-time! Catchya later, Jan - luvya!

April 1, 2011
Hi Jan,
We had a wonderful day... it was a long work day (4 hours!) LOL I put Tessa in the play-pen with the kids when we got to the salon this morning, but she panicked, so I took her out... my client wanted her to sit on her knee while I did her nails, so she did. She sat on my knee while I did my next client (is she spoiled already or what???) Then, this afternoon, I put her back in the play-pen, thinking she would get used to it, but she panicked again and was just frantic, so I took her out and put her on one of the hydraulic chairs that we don't use, and she sat there all afternoon and just watched what was going on... then it dawned on me!! She associated the play-pen with the cage at the puppy-mill... so, she will never have to go in there again! Hansel & Gretel love it tho'. They can see everything, but feel quite secure and they hardly ever bark when they're in there. We went for a little walk this morning (only down the block and back) but Tessa was wonderful! She walked just like a princess. This afternoon, between clients, we walked down to the post office and stopped in to see "Auntie" Kari (clothing store) and Anna (grocery store). They thought she was adorable too... I think we are FINALLY getting spring and I realized, after seeing Tessa, how badly Hansel & Gretel need haircuts, so this weekend it's gonna happen. If it turns cold again, they can wear their sweaters! Right now Gretel is in the little bed on the counter, Hansel is on the chair beside me, and Princess Tessa is sleeping on the counter right beside my mouse. When I go to use the mouse I make sure I give her a little pat so she knows I'm right here with her! Well, better go... it's almost supper time! Take care - Catchya later - Luvya - CB&HGT

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