Yahtzee's Forever Home Update

June 23, 2013
Hi Jan,
He slept fine, tried to let him sleep in another carrier I had on my bed but he cried, so I let him out and he slept right next to me and didn't move. I was concerned that he might try to get out of the bed (I have doggie stairs but his leg won't allow him to use the stairs). Anyway, we're all settling in. everyone is sleep after we were outside pottying.
I'll be in touch

June 29, 2013
Hi Judy,
Yahtzee is such a HOOT! !!! My home is on ground level, and I have a really long hallway, basically the layout of my home is ______________________| I'm trying to make a sideways "T" shape, lol but anyway, Yahtzee was running FULL speed up and down the hallway and when he would get to the end of the hallway, he would round the corner so fast, he would go sliding into the wall, bounce back up and take off running, it was hiliarious. I am going to start incorporating him into our dog training ritual. soon, I'm wanting him to get acclimated to his surroundings, which he seems to be doing very well. I did lose him in the house a few times but I've remedied the areas that he was able to "slip" thru!!! This is as bad as having a bunch of 2 yr olds!!! He puts EVERYTHING into his mouth.....so I can't trust him on the floor, unless I have 100% of eyes on him!!! That's why the training will help. He's definitely a light to our family, thank you. I'll send more pics and hopefully I can get some videos.

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