Zanna's Forever Home Update

Forever Home

March 23, 2013
Hi Jan and Judy,
I meant to email you last night but I was exhausted. Things are going great. I'm in love! Roxie is not. She is in the process of showing Zanna who is the boss. Bob wants to be her friend but Zanna is taking it slow. She ate well last night and this morning. She used her puppy pad and slept in her playpen all night. The dog walker is coming over today just to meet her. I know in time she will get to love Bob. I think she missed sleeping with Nestlee as well. I put a stuffed animal in her bed for her. I will call Judy later and tell her how the rest of the day went.
Thanks for a great dog!

March 24, 2013
Hi Jan and Judy,
Things continue to go well with Zanna. I just ordered some panties for her on your site and paid through paypal. I forgot that when we visit my mom's house she should have some because she won't know where the piddle pads are. I ordered the extra small. Bob and Zanna played a little bit last night with my encouragement. But, I couldn't get them together today. All in time. She seems to be very happy! And I am extremely happy with her. She nearly has this house mastered already. Here's a couple of pictures. I'll get better ones and then send them to you.
Thanks again,

April 2, 2013
Hi Jan and Judy, Update on Zanna here. Things are going very well. She seems completely comfortable. Last night Bob tried to take something she was chewing on away from her. She let him know that it was hers and he wasn't getting it. Well, Bob proceeded to bark in her face for about 15 minutes. She wouldn't budge! (Roxie gives up immediately). Finally Bob gave up. He's so used to getting his way with Roxie. Zanna is one tough cookie :-) They don't play as much as I was hoping. If she initiates play, then he pounces, pins her down, and it's pretty much game over. I'm sending a picture that show that they do like each other. Zanna spent yesterday at the Humane Society with me (wildlife side). Everybody loves her of course. She just hung out with me and some others while I cleaned for spring. Well, it's been a few days and I didn't want you to think we forgot about you. Everyone is great. We are very happy together! Thanks for all you do.
Talk to you soon,
Allison, Zanna, Roxie & Bob

June 26, 2013
Hello again,
Another update to let you know how things are going. I had a blood test for Zanna's heart redone and it came out fine. She had a dental done. She had 12 teeth removed. She still has 9 teeth left. She still has more teeth than any other maltese I've had. The surgery didn't slow her down one bit. Although I tried. She and Bob are still really close. Roxie not so much :-) She has found the recliner in the living room and has now claimed it for her own. It's fun to listen to her growl at everyone when she has a treat. What's funny is that no one is near her at the time. I love having these summers off and spending so much time with these guys. I hope all is well with you. I'm sending a picture of her reading some books while waiting at the vet's office.
Allison, Zanna, Roxie & Bob

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