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Forever Home

October 17, 2013
Hi Jan!
I wanted to let you know how Zella is doing, she is such a doll. She was so relaxed on the car ride home, she fell asleep on my lap and was just so content & we made her a soft little bed on the center console & she fell asleep there too, only opening her eyes if a loud car happened by or if it rained harder! We love her and we thank you so much for everything & for all you do for those precious pups. You really are an angel, you know. Well, I will tt you tomorrow & send some pics soon. I will have to let Chris take the pics since his camera is so high tech!! :) She is adapting pretty well to her new place, she ate her dinner and has been sleeping or slowly checking out the apartment ever since! She is just so sweet! I'll get in touch again tomorrow. In the meantime, have a great night Jan & thank you again. :)
Michelle & Chris

October 19, 2013
Good morning Jan & all the sweet puppies,
Zella is doing great! She is very comfy here with us, she finished breakfast a while ago and is now taking a little nap on a big soft pillow on our couch. Yesterday, we went to the pet store and bought a pretty sweater for her. She enjoyed the ride. My Mom and little Willa accompanied us & all went well, little Willa kissed her & talked to her, giving her the lowdown on 'girls day out'! It was a nice day. She follows me around everywhere I go & is curious as to what I'm doing. She is such a sweet little girl. I'll get some pics as soon as I have a little time. It's going to be a busy weekend for me as I have to go back and forth to my parents and help out with things. The girls got a little playtime in yesterday in Willa's little fenced area & then they sat in the Sunshine on the deck, soaking up the rays. I'm taking my camera with me and hope to be able to get some photos. That reminds me - I have to pic up some batteries! Okay, I'm off to take care of some things at home so we can get out of here on time. Have a nice day & I'll get in touch again soon.
Michelle & Chris and Zella :)

November 7, 2013
Hi Everyone!
My apologies for the long delay in getting pics to you and keeping in touch, however I have been so busy the last few weeks that I just now am taking a little break. Zella and I have been on the run continuously as of late and today, we are playing catch up and enjoying a day at home. She is really doing well. She is enjoying the car rides and has visited some patients at the medical care facility that my Dad is at & she is not nearly as anxious and standoffish. We have been working on her potty papers, but she's not paying much attention to that & kinda just going wherever. We'll keep working on that, we have been teaching her to sit and shake and she is learning those things very quickly, it's so fun. She is just a wonderful dog, she follows me everywhere I go & her personality is beginning to come out! We talk all the time and I let her know that we will not hurt her, she listens. And, I told her that we know it's going to take some time for her to adjust and take it all in and eventually relax and enjoy all the attention. We have great communication her & I. Anyway, here are just a few pics. My camera does not take the best pics & Chris has his in his work van, yes, we finally got batteries! So for now here are a couple and hopefully this weekend he and I can get a few more. He's been terribly busy too, not complaining of course. We appreciate the work. Btw, I have gotten a few really cute sweaters for her & she looks super cute. Maybe we can do a fashion show of her new outfits this weekend and Chris can take pics! I'll show off her new line of Fall/Winter favorites!! In the meantime, everyone have a good day & bundle up it's cold outside! I went walking this morning and was glad I had my gloves! Take care,
Michelle, Chris & Zella

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