Bonnet, Indigo and Levi's Forever Home Update

Bonnet, Indigo and Levi's
Forever Home

April 28, 2017
Hello Jan!
The girls are really settling in so very well. So much so that I barely have room for myself on our queen size bed! I cannot believe how much room they take over! Dennis took the bed frame out from under the bed so both girls have learned how to use the foot stool to jump up on the bed but I’m not letting them jump down. Indigo loves the fluffy blanket and gives it some good shakes at night before bedtime. And Bonnet has figured out how to burrow down under the blanket right next to me. She is such a good bedfellow, all warm and snuggly. And I love how she just melts when I pick her up and hold her. She is walking up the steps on the deck and in to the house. After I worked with putting her foot on the step and then boosting her butt up, I found that patting the step in front of her encouraged her to try the steps. And we take the same route out and back for potty breaks so she is pretty comfortable with the yard. And she has figured out how to use the pillow and footstool to get in to my chair. I am amazed how curious and brave she is checking things out. We have gone for several car rides and both are so very good in their car seats. I was curious what type of treat did Indigo like? I have tried carrots, apple, sweet potato. She did like the salmon we had for dinner last night. I will try putting some green beans and apple bites in her food like I did with the potatoes. And maybe if I cook the carrots? I’ll keep trying stuff. We’ll get her figured out! I am in the kitchen working on some bills right now and they are both laying on the rug just waiting for me to get finished and go cuddle some more. It is adorable how they come looking for me if I go in the other room (or to the bathroom and I open the door and they are both sitting there facing the door!) I just realized my camera battery is dead, so I will take some pictures later and send them to you. The fence guy is coming out this evening to do the measurements so hopefully next week some time they will start the install and Denim will get to come home : }
Enjoy the sunshine! (at least over here the sun is shining)!
Bless you!

May 6, 2017
So this first picture is the girls waiting for me to finish my supper so they could eat. They are so sweet. Indigo has found her appetite. We are having no problem with pretty much anything I give her to eat. And she has a voice! I was really surprised when she started growling because she heard my husband in the other room and didn’t realize anyone was there. They love going outside for walks (except in the rain). Bonnet is amazing! She has learned the steps, we haven’t had any potty problems with her since the first few days (Indigo on the other hand has to be watched… she thinks going outside is just for fun). I cannot say enough about how amazed I am with Bonnet. She truly is a joy, like you said. She gets up in the morning and runs out in the other room for a good morning loving with Dennis. And Indigo will run and spin circles and pretty much jump into my hands if I reach to pick her up. I think she has the delusion that she is a much bigger dog because she tries to jump up on the couch and that’s about 4 inches too tall for her. The girls have had to bond with Dennis a little more because of me being gone with my nephew. He doesn’t like sitting on the couch, but last night I got home about midnight and they were all 3 on the couch with blankets. He said they were just a little nervous about not knowing where I was so they had to sit in my spot on the couch. : } Hope you have a beautiful weekend! Maybe the sun will come back with some warm weather soon……

May 19, 2017
Hi there!
Bonnet says hello! She is doing so good and seems so happy. We are learning “wait” and “ok, go on” in order to wait for the door to open without me having to actually hold her. And she loves Dennis. Bedtime is fun. Indigo loves shaking my shirts while I am getting ready for bed and Bonnet rubs her head all over the blankie and digs and moves things, tipping upside down and waving her little front feet in the air until I rub her belly. She does love all the beds around the house, poor Indigo, Bonnet picked the smallest one today while we were having dinner and Indie had to sit beside her. I am in my sewing room right now and one is on the right and the other on the left. On the floor, instead of one of the 3 pillows I have down for them to lay on! And Yeah! the fence is coming next week so we will come get Denim whenever he is ready to go! We might be ready, but I’m sure Bonnet will think that little whirl-wind will need to be told to “go sit down”! I’m not sure my queen size bed is going to be big enough for 3 dogs. Indie sleeps above my head between the pillow and wall and Bonnet is usually curled up behind my knees. And I have about 6 inches to move around on! OK, I have to get back to the quilt I am trying to make for my grandson’s graduation gift. Yes, I know, I’m a get it done at the last minute person!
Talk to you later.

June 8, 2017
Things are going very well with our little boy. However, because we have a “Dennis” who is frequently called “Denny” poor little Denim was a little confused. So we have started calling him Levi (kind of like a blue thing : } ). He is eating so well and so very happy! And he does love his dad. Every time Dennis sits down Levi is wanting in his lap. And he just has to flip him over on his back and Levi is instantly asleep. Of course when he isn’t in one of our laps he is laying next to Indie. There’s a picture with our granddaughter. She came over to visit a few days before we came and got Levi. Bonnet and Mae are now close friends. Of course, everyone loves Bonnet! hope things are well with you more pictures later!
(PS.. my grandson came up for a couple days and Levi took right to him also. Tyler kept saying he was going to slip Levi in his jacket when he left to go home)

June 25, 2017
Hello again Jan! I forgot to tell you about Bonnet and the squirrels. She sits in the door listening for them to get up on the bird feeder, then starts kind of asking to go out, a little bit of a quiet bark. When I open the door, she literally tears out and down the stairs off the deck and races around to the path the squirrels usually take to get outside the fence. I pity the poor squirrel who is too slow or fat to get through. I bet they get rolled because she would be on them before she even realized they were there. One of the trees is close to the fence and the squirrels sit in the branches cussing Bonnet out. But Bonnet just sits there looking up and wagging her tail! I also don’t know if I told you about the hostas. Bonnet has figured out the chipmunks have some tunnels under the hostas around the flower bed. There have been times I lost sight of Bonnet and then the hosta leaves will start moving so I know where she is. She actually should be a hunting dog. I can’t believe how good her hearing is. She listens closely for where a toy lands when we throw it. We have to start every morning playing fetch. Honestly, … there is NO coffee until she gets her run out. She is truly a joy. I cannot imagine life without her now! And Levi has the elevator figured out. If Dennis is going downstairs, before he can get in the elevator door Levi is inside. He loves running around the basement sniffing and checking things out. And if Dennis is downstairs working, Levi sits at the top of the stairs whining and crying so pitifully. And he loves his golf cart rides with his dad. With his energy, thank goodness if you tip him upside down to hold him he goes to sleep!
The kids all send hugs and lots of kisses back to you!

November 4, 2017
Hi there!
Hope you and all of your additions are doing well and getting adjusted. There are some sweeties. Bonnet, Indie and Levi are doing well. Levi just had his rabies shot and evidently has a bit of a reaction to them. He is really quiet today and his butt is sore. Poor baby. The vet just praised how sweet and cute my babies are. Bonnet is doing really good. She went with me to my sister-in-laws house and just acted like it was her house! Wandered around, smelling things and when she found dog toys she was ecstatic. Dawn (sister in law) hid some treats around and once Bonnet found a couple she was on a mission. Her nose is something else. Indie, as always, is good… good appetite, good nature, wants to be held all the time! And she has even figured out how much fun it is to fetch toys (as long as they’re not thrown very far). Still a little unsure of other people but that is getting better. I made Halloween jackets for all of them and they got lots of awws and sweeties every place we went.

November 22, 2017
Hello Jan! Got the goodies today, thanks for sending them so quickly! The medallions are beautiful and the stuffed dogs adorable! They will be going under the tree for Christmas. I have been working on Christmas decorations the past few days and the first day the babies followed me from room to room. The next day they laid on their blanket in the middle of the living room watching me go back and forth. The third day, they just kind of went back to their regular routine, playing and napping and every now and then watching what I was doing. But, I got a picture of Levi that is so cute. I had just finished the tree and put a blanket under it, went in the kitchen for a minute and when I came back in the living room, Levi was curled up under the tree. Pictures aren’t really good because as soon as I could get in a good spot, he thought it was play time and moved. But you can kind of see him. It was so cute! And Bonnet says hello and Happy Thanksgiving! We just got home from the groomers and she is exhausted! She asked to get up on the couch with me and then curled up and is snoring!
Hope you all have a lot of turkey to eat!

April 30, 2018
Hello Jan!
I know, long time no pictures. The kids are doing wonderfully. They are much happier with the nice weather. I am so glad we have a fenced in area because they can be outside with us while we are working without me worrying about wandering in the woods.
Indie and Levi are together 99% of the time. If I’m in the sewing room, this is where they stay. Levi still loves getting under things. Indie is just such a happy girl. She is fetching toys and spinning circles for playtime. Levi’s ears are always needing work because Indie pulls him around by the ears! And they all love going for rides. Everyone gets in their assigned car seats and are usually asleep by the end of our road.
Bonnet is forever the happy girl! The pictures are from us playing throw the ball. She has Dennis wrapped around her little front paw. And she is ready to play at the squeak of a toy. She is usually the one to wake me up in the morning. Kind of does a belly crawl up the bed until she finds me and then pushes me with her head and front feet until I start scratching ears or tummy. And she beats me to the living room, usually sitting in the middle of the room with her ball in front of her, just waiting!
We are having some issues with pressure in her left eye. Been back to the eye doc a couple of times and she added some new drops. We go back again later this week to check the pressure again. We’re praying it gets down because the option is eye removal. And even though she is completely blind in that eye, it still hurts me to put her through that. But if she’s uncomfortable, we’ll do whatever needs to be done to make her feel better.
Hope you all are well. I love watching the pictures you put out there.
Pat and Dennis

January 16, 2019
Hello Jan!
The kids had to sit for quite a while for me to get this shot! I made it into a Christmas card and I will get one in the mail for you. I was kind of waiting for a less expensive pay day because I want to send you a cash “GIFT” not a donation. Bonnet has been sick. She had a tumor on her belly that had to be removed and it turns out to be cancer. The x rays and blood work are all clear so far, so include her in your prayers for her to stay clear. We were back in the docs office today because the incision was seeping quite a bit and she hasn’t wanted to eat anything. Doc thinks (after more blood work and stuff) that it’s probably because of discomfort from the pain. And she has irritable bowel which may be starting to kick in. So a shot to ease her bowels and anti-nausea and we came home with some meds for pain. Special diet for a few days. She has been so sad. She absolutely loves playing with her ball and of course we can’t do any running or jumping for a week now. She is pouting around, carrying the ball in her mouth. She is so funny, cause she’s just walk up to me and kind of throw the ball at me. So we’re trying to give her some extra attention. Levi and Indie are doing very good. Indie is really the boss of the house, even the groomer gets a kick out of Indie being bossy with the other 2. Levi just rolls over and lets Indie pull on his ears. They will all be happier when Bonnet can play because nobody is getting to do much playing right now until Bonnet feels better. And we are all looking forward to better weather and being able to sit out in the screen room. Hope you are all well. I’ll keep you informed on Bonnet.
Take care.

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