Carleigh's Forever Home Update

Forever Home

February 11, 2019
Hi Jan,
CARLEIGH and us are getting along just fine. She has been quite lethargic but showing more energy today. I'm looking for a treat that she would really like. Would like it for training. You know, she does good, she gets treat. She doesn't like carrots. Any ideas?

February 27, 2019
Hi Jan,
Just an update on Carleigh. She is great. She goes out without a problem. Loves the snow. Been to our vet and all is good. Still afraid of new people and places, but is adjusting well. She is the perfect dog for us.
Harold and Jackie

May 2, 2019
Carleigh is doing great. About 90 percent house broke. She loves riding in the car and looking at all around her. Her ear problem seems to be ok. Jackie has cleaned her ears daily and put some drops in them. Still doesn't like other dogs, not mean just scared. She is a lot of fun.

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