Chula's Forever Home Update

Forever Home

October 13, 2021
Hi Jan,
I saw that you called. It is much easier for me to update you this way with pictures. Petula, Chula, Tula is having an identity crisis cuz I can't figure out which name to call her so I call her 3 LOL. I am going to be sticking with Chula because Chula means cute or pretty in Spanish. And she is quite the Cutie. Yes I have fallen in love. She has her own credit card now since we go shopping practically everyday. She loves to jump into the car on her own then into her car seat. I'm so proud of her. Yesterday was her first day without an accident which makes me very happy and proud because we're starting to really get synced up. We are working on her people skills. She still has the Jitters when people approach her or she sees a person but I think with enough shopping she'll probably get past that pretty soon. Attached is a picture of the Mona Tula and a picture from one of my favorite stops along the road that didn't capture all of the Majesty of North Carolina but it sure does look pretty. After dinner we play fetch and she is getting good at bring the toy back. Chula has her first doctor's appointment next week which will be nice to check that off my list and get her established here in North Carolina. Other than that, am thrilled to have a PeTula Tula Chula Bajor as my Sidekick in life. Her personality is really coming out.

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