Curtsey's Forever Home Update

Forever Home

November 11, 2019
Hi Jan,
What a good girl. She makes me dizzy going in circles. But thatís my problem anyway. Like the crazy teacups at amusement park or carnival. lol Iím looking for a stroller, just so we can get some distance in our outdoor time. I got her to follow me back & forth in the rear lanai. We needed exercise. Snickers accepted her right away. But Curtsey isnít sure about playing with dog twice her size. Oh she just woke. Iíve kept her leash on so I can keep an eye on her without her wandering around to pee on floors. Oops last night. She seems to like her new pillow. She slept all night.

November 19, 2019
Hi Jan,
She finally went potty after she ate dinner. Any idea why she shakes her head, thatís when the whites of her eyes. Oh we took the dogs to Home Depot Sunday. To much stimulation for Curtsey, weíll go back on a quiet day.

November 20, 2019
She is a funny dog, makes us laugh. Needs a bed time snack, goats milk seems to hold her till 8.

February 15, 2022
Hi Jan, Curtsey is doing so well. She is getting more comfortable with strangers. Curtsey loves her walks now, but still is more of a couch potato when at home, but that is OK. We love her so much. She goes in for a dental next week and has 4 extractions scheduled. We hope this finds all well with you and the babies.

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