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Forever Home

October 30, 2018
Hi Jan,
Wanted to bring you up to date on Dacey. She's such a happy girl! She is grasping the concept of going outside for potty; she isn't telling us yet, but we are watching for "the circling" and take her out to go. Then she gets praise, praise, praise!! She is also getting accustomed to her daily routine. She sleeps all night with me; when my alarm goes off, we get up, go out to potty, come in to eat & get eye drops. She plays for a while, goes out to potty again. Then it's on my lap in the rocking chair until she falls back to sleep. Then she gets carried to Granny's room to get back in bed until Granny gets up. She's falling right into place. Her favorite things to do are trying to get the cat to play with her & to chew, chew, chew. Oh my!! When she gets hold of something not meant for her, we take it away & replace it with a toy that she CAN chew! We just love her to pieces!! I think the feelings are mutual!! More later. Hugs to you!

November 18, 2018
Hi Jan!!
Time for another update! Dacey has a new name; we call her Phoebe. Dacey was a little too close to Daisy & it hurt us to call her Dacey. She has adjusted just fine! She comes a running when we call her. She hasn't had any potty accidents in the house this week; we just keep an eye on her & offer when it looks like it's time. We currently are working on "sit". She doesn't quite get it, but we just keep at it! She'll get it! I'm assuming she hasn't seen snow before. It's a hoot to watch her chase the snowflakes & eat the snow!! She also has visited my place of work. My teammates & the residents LOVE her!! Surprisingly, she wasn't shy or afraid of anyone that wanted to see her. In fact, by the time we left, she was acting like she owned the place; trotting along on her leash & taking corners like a pro, to see who else might want to give her a pat or 2!! She continues to get after Jake in attempts to get him to play!! I just watch until it starts getting rough; I know they have to work it out between themselves. On that note: was there a particular little girl that she wanted to play with all the time at your place? I'm thinking perhaps a playmate might be in order?? Just in the thinking stages, mind you, but would appreciate your thoughts.
Lori & Phoebe

December 7, 2018
HI Jan,
Wanted to bring you up to date on Phoebe, aka Dacey. She is such a happy girl!! I believe she knows by now that she's in her forever home & she ❤️s it! Her tail is ALWAYS up & wagging. She's become quite popular at my work & just eats up all that extra attention from my coworkers & the residents. There was an open house at work last night & of course she was there & loved by all. I had SO MANY people wanting to take her home. Lol. My response was always the same: NO WAY!!! Lol. She rarely has accidents in the house anymore & has mastered the command "Sit". Her morning routine is down pat, too. In fact, after her food & eye drops, she sits by my chair waiting to be picked up & rocked back to sleep so she can join Granny back in bed while Mama gets ready and leaves for work. We just ❤️ her so..... Of course, she still gets after her "brother" Jake & he still plays with her; until he's had enough. Then, he jumps to the sofa, out of her reach. It's too cute!! Naturally, a suitable sibling is still a possibility, if you get one for her. I took a picture of Phoebe & Santa last night. It's on my phone, so I will send it to you on a separate email. I hope you've found "fur-ever" homes for more of your babies!! And, I hope, another one comes in for me & Phoebe!! Will write again soon!!

Marchh 30, 2019
Hi Jan!
Itís been a while since Iíve written you an update on Phoebe, and Oh My!, she just keeps getting better! She is running the entire household by now, and loving every bit of it. Lol. Such a lil sweetie! She has conquered the house training & yesterday I cleaned all the carpeting because Iím that confident in her. Her coat is absolutely gorgeous; itís come in thick and silky. Her groomer loves her; sheís a very good girl and lets Taylor do her job. She comes out more beautiful every time as they get to know one another better with each appointment. Phoebe and Jake continue to be quite the pair! They play several times a day, and at least once, Phoebe pins Jake down and cleans his ears for him. He just purrs and purrs. Itís hilarious! Of course, Phoebe is still a hit at my work. If I go too long without taking her in for a visit, the residents get after me! All Phoebe has to do is show up; she elicits SO MANY smiles just by being there. She is still timid with strangers at times, but it is getting better. Iíve noticed, tho, she is more comfortable with women than men. Even with my brother, who sees her every couple of weeks, sheís just now allowing him to hold her without worry. Interesting. I could go on and on, but donít want to take too much of your time. Please know that this little girl loves her home, and I feel so blessed to have her as my baby. I hope everything is going well for you and yours, and may God bless you for doing what you do! Will write again soon!
Lori and Phoebe

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