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Forever Home

February 2, 2019
Hi! Jan,
Camilla is doing great. Very quiet and subdued, but I doubt that will last too long. She seemed so comfortable with us that she fell asleep on my lap on the way home. She and Baby are around the same size, but she is so light in color the two together make me think of Salt & Pepper. Baby runs at her, but it doesn't seem aggressive, I think she is trying to get Camilla to play. She hasn't gone potty yet, we have had her out but nothing. Does she have any signals you can think of? Baby doesn't bark but she does bother me until I figure it out.

February 3, 2019
Hi Jan,
I'm not sure what to do. Camilla walks in circles all over the house, she is in constant motion. Worst part is I can barely get near her. If I bribe her with food she will get close enough for a passing pet. Unless Rick and I corral her I won't be able to get her drops in her ears. She acts like she is starving all the time. Gobbles up her food and looks for more. Last night I gave her a little kibble in case she was still hungry, she gobbled it down and still looked for more. How much were you feeding her so I can see if I am giving her enough? As far as outside, we tried taking her out on a leash and Rick stayed out there with her for a very long time. She doesn't seem to understand she is to go potty outside, the one good thing is when she does it is in the kitchen (easy to clean up). This morning I just let her out with Baby, but I am pretty sure she just stayed on the deck (only 1-2 steps up from the yard), but she came in when asked. She doesn't seem to react to her name, did you find this? Seeing her and baby together, they are almost the exact same size, one light one dark (salt & pepper) and their birthdays are only 8 days apart. Camilla is 8 days older. A friend is bringing piddle pads to church today for me, but any suggestions you have on what I can do to earn her trust I would appreciate.

February 4, 2019
We named Camilla Diva. I'm sure it will take her a long time to accept it. She improves day by day. Such a joy. I'm attaching pictures of each of them, side by side they are almost the same size and their birthdays are only 8 days apart.

February 7, 2019
Today was a big breakthrough. Diva actually came to me and let me make over her, plus she played some with Baby. She even came over and put her feet up like to ask me to pick her up. (although I think they are teasing me because I reach for them and they leave.) So I am hoping and praying it continues. She has done real well with going outside and coming in. Although potty training is going to take a while. I am just grateful she seems to pick on floors that are easier to clean, like the kitchen and foyer, not the carpet.

February 10, 2019
First off Diva is getting better and better. She will come and let me hold her, she follows me everywhere and if I am fixing her food she takes her foot and puts it on my leg (like I'm going to forget she is there). You said she would play catch with you, we have been trying everything we can think of to get her to play with us. So please let me know how you played catch and maybe I can try that with her. Did I tell you, she reminds me so much of Suzy who we just lost. It is how her fur is and all. Funny how she and Baby can both be Shih Tzu's when they look so different. Also this ear medication says to keep it up for 10 days. When did it start and what were the symptoms that made you take her to have it checked out?
Thanks for all you help with all these little things.

February 17, 2019
Things are going well with Diva. She has her tail up and wagging, before it was always down. She comes to her name and lets me hold her, etc now. Yesterday I even saw Baby & Diva wrestling, just what we hoped for, so I am thrilled. I am attaching a picture of the two "sisters". We even saw them in the same bed the other night (it is plenty big) but when we tried to get a picture they moved. I do see jealousy between them, but then that is more like real siblings anyway. Our biggest problem is housebreaking, Diva just acts like she doesn't want to go outside at all. I have seen her run out when Baby does, but not always, often she stops at the door and runs the other way. So I assume it will take us a while. One good thing is we get up in the mornings and she hasn't done anything all night. I am sure this summer we will sit outside a lot and that should help. Or I could just put piddle pads all over all the floors--new type of carpeting. I have been telling a lot of people about you so don't be surprised if you get some new customers. Even the lady who grooms ours said she knew people wanting small dogs.

March 20, 2019
First off Diva is doing amazingly. She hardly resembles the dog we brought home, I can barely keep her out of my lap. And she and Baby Girl play lots. There is a lot of jealousy, but they still get along too. We had her groomed, short & had Baby done at the same time, so next time it will be right for both of them. Now they look more the same size and more alike. That longer hair was so cute on Diva but seemed to need constant brushing. I really thought they looked like two different breeds, but when we got her groomed this time they look a lot more alike. More like the same breed. Of course they are both thoroughly spoiled. Potty training is having it's ups and downs, I can hardly wait for warmer weather so I can sit on the deck and have them outside more. It is funny, when Baby wants me to pick her up Diva pretty much pushes her way in, so we are trying to keep her back and pick her up second. Of course mostly that isn't necessary as she has no problem jumping up. I received a new knee on March 12, and didn't get to come home until the 17th. This helped Diva get a lot more comfortable with Rick, although she has been coming back to me. At least it is better now. But both girls are so good about sitting on my lap to keep me company, and if I lay on the bed, they are convinced that they need to be there taking care of me.

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