Elizabeth"s Forever Home Update

Forever Home

January 1, 2022
Good morning and Happy New Year!
We are doing just fine. Elizabeth has been a little doll. She likes to be outside and chasing squirrels. She has quite an appetite. I am trying to calculate how much food to give to her. The food amounts are based on what her adult weight is estimated to be. What do you think? I was thinking somewhere between 8 and 10 pounds. Henry is doing okay with her, but it may take a while. He is happy just to watch her from his chair. My neighbor’s granddaughter was here yesterday to visit Elizabeth. Here are some pictures.

January 11, 2022
Elizabeth is doing very well. She thinks she’s a mountain goat. She is trying her best to get to the cat food. Henry is slowly warming up to her. No snuggling yet. He likes to watch her antics but doesn’t get involved. We discovered she likes to eat poop. Really have to watch out for that. Food transition has gone well. She loves her food.
Thanks for checking in.

January 14, 2022
Elizabeth continues to be a delight. She accompanies me to quilt group on Friday’s and gives puppy love to all the ladies. She went for her first vet visit today. She weighs 7.8 pounds, vet considers this a good weight. This is my friend Susan with Elizabeth. Susan came with me 2 years ago when we got Henry. She considers herself Henry’s Auntie. She is excited about being the same for Elizabeth. Henry is doing much better with Elizabeth. He likes to watch her play.

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