Frida's Forever Home Update

Forever Home

March 3, 2019
Hi Jan!
Frida is doing wonderful, she is a sweety and I am in love with her! Her personality is starting to come out little by little. She gives me “happy tails” any time I start talking to her now. Nacho has been having a bit trouble adjusting to having another puppy in his space but i have friends who do rescue volunteering and they all advised me to just give them their space from each other since they are both getting used to their new surroundings. Frida wants to cuddle and sneaks into nachos bed but nacho doesn’t and gets upset so I’ve just put her in her own bed in order to avoid upsetting nacho. At night she slept cuddled up next to me and nacho usually sleeps by our feet so we were fine there. She does not walk at all with the leash and just sits there so we’ve just been carrying her around like the princess she is! :) we can slowly start training with the leash and body harness once she is comfortable with us. We’ve also been giving Nacho his kisses/cuddles first in order to avoid jealousy and it seems to help a little. She’s also sooooo obsessed with herself! It is hilarious, this girl LOVES looking at her reflection. Can you blame her though?

March 8, 2019
Hi Jan!!!
They are doing much better. Frida has learned to give Nacho his space and Nacho is now playing nice. I think with time they’ll be best friends! She has been doing awesome, we are working on potty training. She hasn’t had an accident since Monday so she is doing great! Her personality has definitely come out now and she is super playful and full of energy! She’s loves being picked up and she snuggles up next to us at night. She’s such a sweet girl and we’re so happy with her and Nacho!
Alejandra & Carlos

March 22, 2019
Hi Jan!!
Here’s an update on Frida! She’s doing wonderful and Nacho has grown to like her! He still gets upset if she steps on his paw or something but they’ve learned to get along! We tried leaving Nacho out of his crate when we’re gone, free to roam the house with Frida and watch him on the cameras. He freaks out every time :( We even tried leaving it open but he freaks out still. Frida does very well though. The other day we watched Nacho on the camera and he was crying. Frida picked up a toy and brought it to him, it was the cutest thing ever!! She definitely has a lot of energy and we love her so much already. Thank you so much for choosing us as her family, we are so grateful/happy!
Alejandra & Carlos

May 2, 2019
Hi Jan!
Frida is doing wonderful! We are absolutely in love with her and so is Nacho! He looks for her now when she’s in another area of the house. They follow each other everywhere! She is such a good girl and is keeping our little Nacho young. We’re so grateful she’s in our lives, she definitely keeps us on our toes! Lol she is however veryyyyy shy with new people. Aggressive even so I just warn anyone who tries to pet her to give her her space. She’s just now getting used to my mom a little but we are still working on it. She does not like the harness or leash so we spend time outside in the yard with her so she can get her exercise. She is a spoiled little girl but we can’t help ourselves, look how cute she is!
Thank you so much for her,
Carlos and Alejandra

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