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Forever Home

June 30, 2017
Morning Jan:
I think we all were tired even Jorja. Anyway, she slept with me and snuggled just like Suze used to. So that was great. I had to get up in the middle of the night and use the bathroom and when I came back had to move Jorja over, she was in my warm spot. Done that before many times. Jorja slept really good last night. I just took her outside on the leash, she ran to the grass and did her #1 and 2. I praised her up and down and hugged. She just ate all her food with her pill. She also drank water out of her doggy dish twice last night and when we came back in this morning. Right now Bill is talking to me from the kitchen and I'm in the computer room. Jorja hears my voice is looking for me. Life is good. I'll keep you posted.
Hugs back at you,

July 1, 2017
Good Afternoon Jan:
Jorja had another "great" night. Snuggled with me and it was cute, I had to get up to use the bathroom and when I came back she'd moved into my warm spot and was lying there waiting for me to come back. She's getting better with the leash, took her out this morning and I found to set her on the drive and she runs to the grass and levels herself. She did both jobs then by giving her a lot of leash, not keeping it tight she moved around and was getting familiar with our yard. We went all around the house then she sat down. Came back into the house and she drank some water and I left her alone to see if she would follow but she laid down on the floor by the water dish. Oh, by the way, she's drinking water from the dish just fine. So then Bill said to me she's standing in front of the door. So I thought, okay, maybe she needs to go back outside. So I picked her up and hooked her up to the leash and out we went. Well, she did have to go again and she did another really big job to boot. You can be proud, she's doing really good. Jorja even met my next door neighbors little Maltese, they both touched noses and Jorja was okay with that, her name is Puff and she's an older little one too about the same size as Jorja. So she's getting acquainted to the neighborhood slowly especially my neighbors who knew Suze and I told them all about Jorja. So they're all anxious to meet her. But I'm doing that very slowly so she doesn't get frightened. Life is good, and thank you for giving me the opportunity to being a mom to Jorja. She is filling that void in my heart....!
More later,

July 18, 2017
Hi Jan:
Another week and our little munchkin is doing just great. Took another road trip to the groomers this morning. I wanted to introduce Jorja to Aunt Michelle and her mom, who gives the baths. Anyway, wasn't sure about the cages at the groomers so I called and talked to Michelle and mainly wanted to take her over and introduce her to Michelle and her mom. When I got there she only had one other dog there and asked if it would be possible for Jorja to get a bath and clean up her wiskers a little under her chin and if she needed her nails clipped and check her ears out for me. I told her about the cages that I wasn't sure since I know she's not been in a cage in quite awhile, so I sat down and kept Jorja on my lap till Michelle's mom was ready to bath Jorja. Jorja did really good, as you said she does well at the groomers. Anyway, Michelle and her mom just loved her and were ever so gentle. Both said she reminded them of my little Suze, very loving and sweet. Now we're ready for our road trip to see Dr. Brown, the cardiologist, on Thurs. afternoon. He's going to do a CT scan on her heart so Dr. Gillespie can see how her heart is working and also to see if Dr. Brown okays a dental and what sedative to use. I'll keep you posted on how that turns out. Jan, Jorja is doing really good, you'd be very pleased. Her accidents are getting fewer and if she has one, it's because we waited too long. Didn't have any last week at all. Yesterday only one and that was my fault....waited too long to take her out. But I praise her every day and just before we go to sleep at night after I put her on the bed, I give her a big kiss and tell her what a "good girl" she was today.
Talk soon, hugs from Jorja and me,

August 12, 2017
Hi Auntie Jan:
Well, yesterday marked 6 weeks. You'd be very proud of our little girl. She seems to be a "VERY" happy little one. Had another trip to the "Beauty Parlor" on Wednesday and she did exceptional. I didn't want her caged so I was first there and after getting blow dried she waited on my lap for a lite trim and nail trimming. Then a road trip yesterday up to Owosso to meet Bills' sister. My sister-in-law has a Standard Poodle. I held Jorja and it was a gradual introduction under my terms. It went well and it was just the usual, "Smell and Make Up" routine and then JJ (the Standard Poodle) just left her alone and Jorja was just fine, quiet but that's okay. I do think we're both getting her signals down pat when she wants to go outside. Even though I still take her out every 2 hrs. to give her the benefit of the doubt. Just today, she came into the kitchen and stood at the entrance to the family room and I said to Bill, she's telling us she needs to go outside and bingo that's exactly what she was telling us. Bill took her outside and she went directly to the grass. Good Girl....! Oh, does she bark at all or just the little whimperings that we're hearing? So far so good on the cough, very little now, usually just a small cough in the morning first thing after I take her out. I put her down in the mud room and take off her harness and then she drinks some fresh water and that seems to make her cough a little and that's about the only time. It not a loud/long cough more like clearing of the throat. She wagging her tail more and more and dancing on her hind feet when it's time for dindin. Also, she just started dancing on her hind legs and putting her front paw on the fridge after she comes in from doing her business waiting for a piece of pear/peach for a treat. She knows they are in the fridge not only that everytime I open the fridge for whatever reason she's right there. I know you're laughing and saying, "that little begger". It's so cute really her tail is wagging and she's so proud of herself. I love her more and more every day and at bed time she really knows what "the Big Bed" means cause it's almost like she's waiting for that last trip outside at night then she gets her heart med and then we go and get on the the "big bed".
I give her a kiss every night and one from "Auntie Jan" too.

August 4, 2017
Hi Jan:
Well, it's 5 weeks and our little girl is doing great. You'd be very proud of her. She's following me and Bill more and more. She's broadening her horizons every day and lets me hold her close. Not to mention snuggling in bed, she waits for me to get up and then dances once we come back in from outside waiting for "FOOD". Health wise, not coughing too much, only seems when she drinks water sometimes brings on a little cough. Last week no accidents, this week, my fault a couple of times but I know it's the Lasix and BP med. Oh, Dr. Gillespie called me back about the low Potassium. Dr. Brown, the cadiologist, said to cut the 12.5 Lasix in half and give it every 8 hrs. instead of 12. So I follow the same time table as her heart med. That makes sense and I've noticed the need to go outside isn't as frequent. Jorja also is, or at least, we're beginning to understand her signals when she wants to go outside. Jan, we both love her more and more everyday. She is so sweet and I tell her and hug everyday and tell her what a sweet good girl she is. I know you worry about her and I will keep you posted as to how she's doing. Right now she's on the couch with Bill and she's moved from the end of the couch to the middle right next to Bill. So cute, she is feeling more and more comfortable with us every day.
More later, hugs from the Danner's

August 18, 2017
Hi Auntie Jan:
Another great week. This is number 7.....well this evening Jorja was having Musk Mellon with her new dad (Bill) and enjoying every bite. I know you're laughing,"the little beggar". She was sitting on the couch and when I brought Bill a bowl of mellon, Jorja moved over and with those "big" eyes kept starring him down until he gave her some. It was so cute to watch the little begger smack her lips. Yes I'm laughing too....! Not too much coughing, thank God. She seems to have more energy than before, but I'm careful not to get her too excited because I don't want her heart to be racing. She's eating really good and really likes her "snack" when I bring her back in for doing her business. Jorja definitely has the routine down pat and knows exactly when it's "treat" time and where they are. Oh, I have to ask a question.......I've not heard Jorja bark at all. Did something happen that she can't? Or she just doesn't know how. Reason is she only "whimpers" and sometimes I don't hear her and I think she's trying to tell us she needs to go outside. Just wondering, that's all.
Keep you up to date as we progress.
Hugs from Jorja and me,

August 25, 2017
Hi Auntie Jan: Well, another great week that marks 2 months. Our little sweetheart is settling in more and more each day. Her little whimpers are telling me she needs to go outside and we're both understanding Jorja's signals now. She's like a little "Ballerina" now, especial at dinner time. Not to mention she knows when it's "Applesauce" time, that's when I give her heart med along with some Lasix. It's really cute to watch, when she gets herself up from a nap and comes into the kitchen, I turn and look at the clock ans sure enough, we take a trip outside and wala she goes right to the frig and waits for her piece of pear/peach and then comes the applesauce with her meds. Bedtime is still good she waits next to my pillow for me to get in bed then she re-arranges herself and to sleep we go. She's following me more and more and right now she's lying on the floor right behind my computer chair. That's what Suze used to do too, just wants to be close. I just love her more and more every single day and I think she really realizes she's safe and that I'm not going to let anything happen to her. She's still a little nervous when meeting new people. I introduced her the other day to our U.S. mail carrier, Tara, who was anxious to meet her and she was a little shaky but that's okay Tara understood. Just wanted to keep you in the loop as to how Jorja is progressing and right now I think she's doing just great.
Hugs to you and Bruce from all of us and Jorja too.

August 29, 2017
Auntie Jan:
Well, it's been 10 weeks today and our precious little "forever baby" is doing just great. We had another road trip to the "doggie beauty parlor" yesterday for a bath only. Jorja did just great again. I didn't want her caged, so I waiting while she was bathed and blow dryed then brought her home. She still shivers a little with strangers, but I'm still trying with our neighbors so she isn't so frightened. She's defintely a little "begger". So cute even with Bill, she gives him the "big eye" treatment for handouts. She's not been coughing hardly at all, just yesterday she did do a few coughs and I was a little worried that maybe the low temperatures we've been having that might be causing this. So lastnight, I made sure she was covered up, since I like a cool room to sleep in. Just don't want her to catch cold. She loved being all wrapped up in a blanky. Today was good, so I'll have to be very careful about the cold with her. Told Bill she will definately have a sweater or coat on when cooler temperatures start. Jorja's appetite is still good, she sure knows when it's dinner, snack and bedtime. Also, when I give her med with the apple sauce, that is really so cute, I'm beginning to think she can tell ltime. That's about it for now, hugs from the "Danner's".

Sept 14, 2017
Hi Jan:
Another week has passed and our little "bundle of joy" has been doing great. She now follows me every place I go and right now is lying on the floor right beside the computer chair. Just the other day, I was gone for a few hours and Bill told me while I was gone Jorja was looking all over for me not knowing where I was, so cute. Not to mention when I got home and the garage door opened she was right at the back door when I opened it and her tail was wagging. I picked her up and kissed her and gave her lots of hugs and told her I'd missed her and was glad she was a good girl for her papa. Appetite is still good and very seldom a cough. I know I've got an appointment next month with the cardiologist. It's basically a follow-up and monitoring of how she's doing. I've got my fingers crossed and am really hoping for a "great" report. I've been praying allot for her, so I sure hope the meds are working....! She's really been a good girl about going outside too. NO accidents this week at all and for the first time Jorja " Barked", that was a total surprise, but then I was getting her dinner ready lastnight and she was just letting me know I was TOO slow. Just another great week with our precious little one. Oh, I'm sending you a donation check in the mail, tried to do it on line and had some trouble. Not sure why, but that's okay. Mailing today to the P.O. Box 1.
Hugs from the Danner's

September 20, 2017
Hi Jan:
You're welcome. I've been giving for years to the "Humane Society" and "ASPCA" regularly, but I think instead, I'll start giving to Peke A Tzu on behalf of Jorja. Your organization is doing what they do and yes I will give Jorja a hug from you and Bruce. You'd be so proud. Her appetite is still excellant, not to mention treat time (that's when she gets her meds) I do believe she can tell time too. When I'm in the kitchen she's right there. I know you're smiling, "That little Begger". She's following both of us every where now, especially me. Right now she's lying on the floor right behind the computer chair. She does that with both of us now. Even follows me into the bathroom and sits waiting, just like Suze used to. I don't close the door on her cause I want to see where she is going. Still likes her "safe zone" and sometimes, she'll whimper like she's talking to us that she wants to be picked up. So then we go to pick her up then she runs from us and goes to her safe zone. It's like "Catch Me If You Can" time. But she then relents and lets us pick her up, not sure why, but it's okay. She's really letting us know that she needs to go outside too. We're starting to really get that one down pat now. Can't hardly believe tomorrow it's 3 months, seems like we've had her forever. Had another road trip yesterday to the "Doggy Beauty Parlor". She got the works yesterday. I still get there first and wait so they don't put her in a cage. Not sure how she'd respond and not only that the groomer and bather are oh so gentle with her and she's totally okay with them. Jorja hardly ever coughs now, sure hope the meds are doing what they're supposed to be doing. Next month we see Dr. Brown, the cardiologist. Hoping for good news there. I'll let you know how that goes.
Hugs from the Danner's talk soon.

September 28, 2017
Hi Jan:
Can't hardly believe it's been 13 weeks. Our little "Dolly Baby" is doing great. I'm now calling her my little "Ballerina". She dances on her hind legs for treats, food and just plain ole getting my attention. She's really following us everywhere, especially me and it's so cute when we get on the bed at night and then after our 6:30 a.m. outdoor business, then meds and "food". Then we go back to bed and she just snuggles right in and stays put. I give her hugs every night when we get into bed and I always give her a kiss from you and Bruce. I'm sure hoping the bad memories are fading away. Still have to not make quick hand moves, she kinda flinches with that. Doesn't happen often but I've noticed if I move too quickly I can see/feel her back off. She's not shaking hardly at all anymore, even when we've gone to the groomers, she seems to know who they are and they are very gentle with her. I thought our trip to the cardiologist was in October, but when I looked at my paperwork from Dr. Brown it said 4 months, so that is Nov., they will be sending me one of those postcards in the mail when it gets close. I'm figuring probably around the second week in November. I'll keep you posted on how it goes. I'm hoping for a good report. Come the 2nd Saturday in October, my church always does a "Blessing of the Animals". So Jorja, will be going to church and getting "Blessed". I did that with Suze last year for the last time, but this year and every year after Jorja will be going to church for a "Blessing".
Hugs from the 3 Danner's

October 5, 2017
Hi Jan: Another great week. You'd be so proud of our little bundle of joy. She's now following me into the bathroom and sitting on the rug and waiting for me to finish in there. Also when I'm in the bedroom making up the bed she lays on the rug in the doorway and waits for me to come back into the kitchen. I'm going to send you another donation check to the P.O.Box 1 tomorrow. Just let me know when you get it. Saturday is "Blessing" day at 11 a.m. Jorja is still a little skiddish around other animals, so I think we'll get there early so I can get situated in a more quiet area so she doesn't get nervous. A couple of my church friends are anxious to meet her, for they've adopted rescue babies too. I sure hope the new little babies are coming along okay. I applaud you and Bruce for what you do. Just so many needy precious little ones and how anyone can be so cruel is beyond me.
Talk soon, hugs from the "Danner's".

November 4, 2017
Hi Jan,
Another great week. Our little "doll baby" is doing just great. Right now she's lying on the floor next to me. She follows me everywhere even into the bathroom and lies down and waits for me. Life is good. Appetite still "very" good. I think I'll make "Little Begger" as her nick name. Food is really on her brain most of the time. I've mailed another check, probably today or Monday it should arrive. Also this next Tuesday, we see the cardiologist, Dr. Brown, I'm hoping for a good report. I'll keep you posted on what he says.
Love from Jorja and me

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