Jory & Tandy's Forever Home Update

Jory & Tandy's
Forever Home

November 30, 2019
Hi Jan,
Looks like everyone is setting in and relaxing... Except Sweet Pea- she is the fiesty old girl with heart failure busy abusing the squeaky pig. Go figure. The dogs are absolutely amazing, traveled great, are using the doggy doors and she is busy bouncing up on the beds, recliner, etc. THANK YOU- best gift ever!

December 2, 2019
Hi Jan,
Everyone is settling in and getting along. Tandy has fallen in love with John. She is his little buddy and he is absolutely delighted by her adoring attention. Jory is a sweetheart and spent the day in the recliner with Sweet Pea helping me knit a throw for a Christmas gift. He is so cute when he snores, and he doesn't try to steal the whole bed. Both have made the transition to homemade food. He can't eat apples and she has yet to try them, but they certainly adore sweet potatoes! Thank you for these precious babies!
Melodie & John

December 24, 2019
Hi Jan,
We are curious about our new girl. Both John and I have had a couple instances where she barks as if she is being hurt, even when she is fine. This evening she yelped when he moved the divider we use to separate the dogs at meals; nothing even touched her. We have been very careful! Do you know of anything in her history that might explain this? She bounces in and out of the doggy doors and then makes potty on the floor. So glad it's not carpet. He is quite the little talker and vocalized when he's happy, almost like a cat would purr. They are so sweet! Merry Christmas to you and all the sweet fur babies.

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