Julietta's Forever Home Update

Forever Home

March 19, 2017
We were too scared on the road to pee, but as soon as we got home, we took care of the bathroom business, went straight to play, and had some dinner too! I've face timed with all my mom's friends and family and have done all sorts of tricks for them. Mom isn't so scary after all. Steps are a little bit scary. But mom says we will work on it. Video too! So happy she is warming up. I was so worried she would not be happy here. She seems to be okay now and hasn't left my side.

March 21, 2017
Julietta has had a good couple of days. She is getting exposed to a lot and is sometimes very scared and skittish, but we are working through it-- piece by piece. Stairs are still a very big thing and picking her up to carry is something that also scares her quite a bit if we are even near stairs (sometimes peeing a bit or running away even at the thought of it). She's gone up the short ones (3 steps 5" high) 3x yesterday with some positive coaching and happy encouragement. I do worry a bit because today I left her alone for ~3-4 hours for the office and she wouldn't leave the kitchen or hallway because she had stairs on both ends. Outside, she won't even go up grassy or mulched hills if stairs are in sight. Food and sleep are going great. Tonight, we went to the pet store to pick up some pet friendly carpet cleaners to help with potty stuff. She loved seeing the ferrets. Turtles scared her. We continued to a trail. Funny she won't go on stairs, but a wooden bridge high over water is fine. She didn't even make it to bed. Passed out in the middle of the floor from a fun filled walk where she tried to chase some bicycles! Finally feel like I saw the real Julietta there for a short time.

March 29, 2017
Hi Jan,
Julietta is much better! She is trusting me much more and starting to have a little fun. She allows me to pick her up to go and up and down stairs much more. Eating and sleeping just fine. Going up hills and inclines next to steps outside and making new friends too!

April 22, 2017
Hi there!
Just checking in. Julietta has been doing well here in Pittsburgh. She has warmed up to me greatly and does not leave my side. Everyone has been very patient and slow with her. I have been introducing her to a few pups in the neighborhood and that has gone well. She enjoys walks a great deal and walks through the mulch/grass when we encounter stairs. We hope to secure a hair stylist over the next couple weeks as a next step.

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