Laurels's Forever Home Update

Forever Home

March 14, 2017
Laurel is doing well. She slept in my room on a doggy bed (my dog is in a bit of a snit but I know she will get over it). This morning Laurel seemed happy to see me but when I would approach her she would cower and hide. I wonder if I just look so BIG to her. She did follow me into the kitchen where I sat on a chair and then she would come to me and I could put her out. Later I had both dogs in my lap cuddled up together. Everyone was fine. But I do notice how Laurel seems to not like to be approached, least wise while you are standing. She ate her breakfast just fine then was going to eat the other dogs food, so I picked it up. I did give her a little piece of carrot last night and she was not interested. She managed to get a small piece of Suzy's milk bone and seemed to really like it. But otherwise everything is going great.

March 18, 2017
Laurel is doing well, getting thoroughly spoiled. We are having trouble trying to get her to play. I worry she just sits and watches when our other baby play. Any ideas? We should name her Shadow because she follows me around a lot.

April 1, 2017
Laurel (Now Baby Girl) is doing great. I was concerned as she didn't play but now she is starting to do that, and when she is outside she runs like the wind. For a long time we didn't think she could bark, but now we have heard a little squeak, but just a couple of times (so cute). My son is a little worried because even though he has held her and made over her, and she even sleeps on him, she still acts like she is scared of him. Has she not been around men? I thought maybe the deeper voice or something. He did say if I am not here she is better with him. Thank you again for this little love, we sure do love her a lot and she seems to like us too.

April 25, 2017
Laurel is SPOILED ROTTEN! I will attach a picture of her & her toys. She played a lot, then collapsed amongst the toys for a nap. She is such a joy, I am always telling her how glad I am that she came to live with us. Now that weather is nicer it can be hard to get her inside. But I love watching her run. She also will sneak up and steal my socks if I'm nit watching. Doesn't hurt them just takes off with them . :)

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