Max's Forever Home Update

Forever Home

December 23, 2017
Max is very easy going. He loves his new family and we love him so. He is so sweet! Very gentle and loves both Libby and buster. Such a joy to have around. He seems much younger than nine. He is always on the move and loves his toys. Sending you much love for all your help!

December 25, 2017
I let Max out this evening and he didnít want to go out. I kept putting him on the grass but he went straight back to the house and then up the two stairs for the first time!! He was so proud of himself! We were too! I didnít think he could do stairs but he did. He had been hearing the other two do it and Iíve been carrying him over the steps up and down but only for a few days. He is so smart! He plays like a puppy and is so busy. We love him so!! Thinking of you and thank you for saving him for us. He is perfect!

December 27, 2017
Hi Auntie Jan,
I like my little throne just for me. They give me lots of treats and think Iím really smart. Iím so glad Iím here. Libby and buster are showing me the ropes and let me have the best beds because Iím so playful and they are so sleepy! We are all in love but wanted you to know Iím so glad you took such good care of me! Thanks so much. Love you always, Max the great!

January 2, 2018
Max is so happy and we love him up every minute! He is doing great on potty training and when he canít wait, he is good about going on the peepee pads. It is so cold out. We understand. Thanks for everything jan! He got his two shots the other day from my vet and will be groomed on Monday with his buddies. All is well. Happy healthy new year!
Marcey, Fred, Buster, Libby and Max!

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