Millie's Forever Home Update

Forever Home

January 1, 2020
Hi Jan!
I don't know if Pat emailed you last night or not. We didn't get home until after nine so we were a bit tired after unpacking. Simone did well on the trip back. She ate and went to the bathroom for us. We all took turns sitting in the back with her. She has been following me around the house and sniffing at everything. I had her sleep in her own bed in between our pillows last night. She slept pretty good but woke up a few times to make sure I was there so I would just put my hand in her bed to let her know she wasn't alone. I took her outside this morning and she went potty. Now she is just checking everything out and playing with toys. Later today we will take her and Jack to Petco to look for her own sweater and winter coat. She is borrowing some of Tinks right now since Sallys are way to big for her. Thank you for everything. I will email you again and let you know how she is continuing to do.
Happy New Year!

January 3, 2020
Good morning Jan,
So we have run into a bit of a snag. Simone, who we have renamed Millie, wants nothing to do with Pat. Did she have much interaction with your husband? I know she was very attached to you and now she is the same way with me. The problem is she is supposed to be Pats companion. I know it takes time but when he picks her up she is literally scrambling to try and get away which is killing him. She won't even make eye contact with him. Any information or suggestions would be appreciated.
Thank you,

January 18, 2020
Hi Jan!
I hope all is well with you. I wanted to let you know how well Millie is doing. She is getting along great with Jack. They are inseparable and he even let her sleep in his bed with him. She has also made great friends with the cats and she loves the backyard. The weather has been great for this time of year so she loves running around and sniffing everything. Sometimes a little to much that she forgets why she is out there, lol. Her and Pat are finally starting to bond. Sometimes she runs up to him and sometimes she growls at him but she always goes to him for treats. She has also started playing with toys. She will disappear into the TV room and come back with a new toy and keep doing that until she has all of her favorites in her bed.
Take care,

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