Paisley's Forever Home Update

Forever Home

September 19, 2021
Hi Jan!
Paisley is coming along nicely; she’s picking up on the idea of going potty outside. You told me she was smart; I’m seeing that she is! She’s still eating and drinking just fine, but I have to ask: was she getting some “people food” ? When we eat dinner, or a snack, she is EXTREMELY interested in what we have. Lol Particularly if it’s ice cream. She gets as close as she possibly can, and that nose is just going to town! She’s cracking us up!! She’s met a few more people over the weekend and does fine with them. But I must tell you: she is definitely a Mama’s girl. 😊 I ❤️ It! One funny thing…..she hasn’t barked at all, EXCEPT for when I go outside to smoke…..then she starts talking’. Needless to say, she has me wrapped around that tiny paw already. That’s all for now; the “Paisley Progress Report” will write again soon.
Lori & Paisley

September 30, 2021
Hi Jan!
Beautiful Paisley has taken some big steps! She’s started exploring her home; as long as someone is near, she’s been venturing around checking out her new digs. She spends her evenings on my lap usually, if not there, she’s on the couch. She loves the couch because she can get herself up and down on her ramp! She really thinks she’s “BIG STUFF” when she uses that ramp! Lol….so dang cute! In the later evening, she goes and crashes out in her bed, until we go outside for potty, then she’s in my bed with me. She is truly a Mama’s girl. She does fine with Granny when Mama is at work, but quick as I come home, I’m IT. I ❤️ that! She’s catching on with going outside to potty; she nearly always goes when I take her out. The funny thing is she won’t potty outside for Granny. Not once. She usually holds it until I get home, even though Granny has taken her out several times during the day trying to get her to go. In a pinch, she’ll go to the piddle pad and relieve herself. She actually woke me up just this morning because she had to go. She’ll get there in time. She’s still eating and drinking like a pro, and of course, loves her cookies. I found some made by Nutra Pro that are all natural (of course) but guess what they’re flavored with? You got it…….Blueberries! Oh, she crunches those right up! All in all, she gets an “A” for progression. I think she’s figuring out that she’s here to stay and it’s a nice place to be! Please let Bruce know how great she’s doing! That “happy tail” is quickly becoming a permanent fixture on that lil butt of hers. Lol Until next time…….
Lori & Paisley

November 16, 2021
Hi Jan!
Paisley is doing great! We’ve added a few foods to her “Likes” list, including apples, cantaloupe, sweet potatoes, green beans and carrots. She doesn’t get a lot, but thus far, she’s liking her treats! She’s been to my groomer, and was “such a good girl” according to Taylor. Her newest development: when people come over, she voices this ferocious bark. She barks and backs up simultaneously. Once they pet her she’s okay, but boy, oh boy, she does NOT like people coming into her home. Lol She happily snuggles right up against me in bed; we keep each other warm. Lol I just love her so! She’s still a Mama’s girl. She’s fine with Granny, but once I get home, she’s all about Mama. Thank you, again, for letting me adopt her; she’s happy and healthy and gives as much love as she gets. Perfect! Until next time, hugs to you and Bruce!
Lori & Paisley

February 3, 2022
Hi Jan, I realized I haven’t written in a while, and thought you might be wondering how my beautiful little nugget is doing. Of course, she’s wonderful! She definitely knows this is HER home, and Granny and I are HER people! Whenever someone else enters, she lets loose with that ferocious bark of hers to make sure they know it too! She pipes down once everyone takes a seat, however, we have 2 individuals that come over quite often. When they get up to go to the kitchen or the bathroom, she starts growling. It’s just those 2; for whatever reason, she doesn’t like them or trust them! Granny gets concerned (they’re both her friends) but I think it’s hilarious!! Lol Paisley is a very healthy baby; she enjoys her Dr. Marty food, and her Royal Canin Shih Tzu blend kibble that we supplement her wet food with. I have her trimmed down to a healthy 10 pounds, which her vet is thrilled with! We are looking forward to spring so we can start learning to walk on a leash and enjoy the variety of smells that will offer. Oh boy! I know it’s important to engage all of her senses, and the physical exercise won’t hurt either of us! I managed to grab this pic of her and I think I’m going to get it made into a Christmas card to send to my family and friends this year. Let me know what you think. Until next time……..
Hugs from both of us to you and Bruce,

August 14, 2022
Hi Jan,
I hope this finds you (and your whole gang) doing well and enjoying life. I thought it was time for some new shots of Paisley; she is certainly happy and is coming to be quite a lil goofball! She loves to look at us upside down (?) lol, collect all the belly rubs she can get, and even does some yoga from time to time. You’ll see a picture of her doing downward dog. She’s so funny! We are just loving life and spending as much time together as we can; never taking a moment for granted. I’m curious… long was she with you before coming to me? Enjoy the pics!
Love & Hugs,
Lori & Paisley

April 4, 2023
Hi Aunt Jan & Uncle Bruce!
Here’s a couple of brand new pictures; my mama gave me a bath today! Don’t I look beautiful? When I get all done, and if I’m good, (I ALWAYS am) I get these special bones that are saved only for bath day. They have peanut butter in them and I just love them! That’s why I’m always good for my bath. Aren’t I smart? Tee hee. Thanks for letting me live here; I love my Mama and Granny so much! They spoil me all the time! They tell me I’m a princess and I deserve it. I don’t know what that means but I sure like it! I’m hoping my mama will take me for a long ride in the car to come see you 2 this summer; would you like that? That’s all for now. Love, Paisley

Hey there, Lori here. Miss Paisley is doing fantastic. She has become quite the lil charmer and manages to get her way 99.9% of the time. Lol. As long as it’s not a danger or harmful to her, of course. But, truly, she is SUCH a good girl! She’s very quiet, except for when people come over. She does have some anxiety, and I’m trying to get her some help for that, bless her tiny heart. I hate to see her suffer with that. I spoke with an awesome trainer last week and she gave me some great tips so we will work on those for a few weeks and check back in with her. Other than that, she is a very happy, healthy pup living her best life. We love her with every fiber of our being and it’s obvious that she feels the same. I hope you and your tribe are doing well too and we would like to come and visit for an afternoon this summer if possible. Take good care in the meantime!

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