Penelope's Forever Home Update

Forever Home

May 30, 2019
Hi again!
Just wanted you to know we had the best evening yet. She and Eddie played out in the yard together. I wouldíve recorded it but my phone was inside and I was afraid to leave them on their own. It was so nice to see her run around!! And not just in a circle!

June 2, 2019
Today Penelope actually wants to play first!! Eddie was just laying there and she got him up! Iím so excited!! It stormed bad here last night so she was pretty stressed but is good today

June 16, 2019
Hope youíre doing well. Penelope is coming out of her pen area more so thatís good. Sheís even warming up to my neighbor because he gives her treats. She likes the Stella and Chewy freeze dried ones. Trying to stick with the raw diet for her. I tried a raw/ kibble blend too but she didnít care for it. I ordered some of her food online. Iím just going to switch Eddie to it also. He loves it so I should just stick with it. Hereís a pic of Penelope enjoying a break from Eddie!!

July 21, 2019
Hi Jan,
Just wanted to check in and let you know Penelope is doing much better. Sheís still hesitant to come to me right away but sheís completely out of her shell with Eddie. They play all of the time. Penelope has learned she can get in the couch so now they sit together. Itís super cute! Hereís a pic. Sheís also survived going to the groomer here for the first time. They did it on a Sunday and later in the afternoon so there werenít many other dogs. It seemed to help her because they said she wasnít that bad with anxiety. Hope youíre doing well!

August 23, 2019
Hi Jan,
Havenít checked in lately so thought I would send you a picture of my babies! All is well. Her UTI finally cleared. Sheís still not eager to go outside so I carry her out every time we go. She also doesnít want to leave the patio. Iím hoping she eventually will get out in the grass and enjoy. I put up a privacy fence around the rest of the yard so I donít have to worry about either of them getting under the chicken wire that was on the old split rail. Wish you were closer so you could visit her!
Hope youíre doing well.

November 5, 2019
Just wanted to send an update! Sheís coming out if her sheíll more and more. She actually will sleep on the bed with us now. She has also figured out the yard is all fenced in for her enjoyment. She finally will leave the patio on her own and just run in the yard. It makes me so happy to see her finally enjoy it! Denim is adorable. I would sponsor him if I could. Unfortunately Iím not able to at this time but maybe in the future. 🏻I would adopt him if I could too! 2 is my max right now!
Hope all is well!

December 23, 2019
Hi Jan,
Just wanted to send you a current pic of Penelope and wish you merry Christmas! I was able to take her on her first walk around the block today! She spun in circles the first few minutes but finally got used to it. Sheís wearing her OSU tshirt!!
Hope youíre all doing well!

February 17, 2020
Hi Jan,
Just wanted to check in and let you know Penelope is doing well and send you a current picture. I took this today when I came home for lunch. I have changed jobs so I now get to come home for lunch daily which seems to make both of my babies happy. Hope you and all your fur babies are well!

December 18, 2021
Hi Jan,
Iím happy to hear that 3 babies went home and that the money sent will be able to help the new babies. Penelope has really come out of her shell. She is more trusting of men. She has become my boyfriendís dog more than mine. She cuddles with him on the couch and letís him rub her belly. I also had new floors put in and she let the contracting guys pet her. She also rushes out to greet the neighbor shih tzus. She and Eddie started to dig a whole so Iíve put lattice up so they can see and bark at each other but now they donít dig. They have a trench where the lattice is. For a long time, she didnít leave the patio but itís so good to see her run out to greet the dogs or chase squirrels. Here are a few pictures of her. One before the groomer and one after proudly wearing her Ohio State sweatshirt!
Merry Christmas to you and your family!
Julie and Penelope

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