Reuben's Forever Home Update

Forever Home

May 30, 2020
We had a bit of a rough night. He had a hard time settling and did some barking. Just a lot of changes for such a little pup. I think a lot of it was he would sleep for a couple of hours and then didnít know where he was. As soon as I pet him and told him it was ok heíd go back to sleep. I think we may have lots of naps today.
June 3, 2020
He is a good boy. Heís not that fond of Paul but I think itís his walker. We are are working with him to be more comfortable. There are also some little treats involved. Yesterdayís big excitement was a painted turtle in the front yardósuch a goof. Have a good day!

June 13, 2020
Thought Iíd send you a picture. This is his favorite bed. My cousin and his family came and took a bunch of our furniture to make room for our new furniture. He had a lot of supervision and is now exhausted. Heís is getting adjusted. His goofy little personality is coming through. He and Daisy are getting along well. Have a good weekend.

June 29, 2020
Reuben had his bubble bath and haircut today!! He looks pretty handsome. Heís doing well. We are still working on the marking. We introduced him to a special friend of ours who has not left her house since March. She fell in love. Plus it was her birthday. Just a little update. I hope you got the video I sent. He was being such a good boy.

July 14, 2020
Our silly boy is taking a rest after chasing the geese away!! Itís his new job. Heís doing pretty well. He is getting a handle on our routine. The one weird thing is he sleeps in our bedroom closet at night. We have put a comfy bed and fleece in there for him. He seems happy so itís ok with us. Take care.

August 13, 2020
I realized I hadnít sent you a picture lately! Heís doing well. Still not a big fan of my husband. Weíre making progress though. He doesnít bark at Paul anymore and heíll take treats from him. Anything else not so much. He walks perfectly on the leash. In fact Iím not going fast enough he stops and waits for me! He and Daisy are getting along great. Daisy wants so bad for him to play but he really isnít interested. I think thatíll change though. Hope you have a good weekend.
Love from Reuben

October 17, 2020
I donít know if you can see him among his toys. This is his favorite bed. There is a little heat given off from the pilot and he loves it. He has become a lover of walks. If I donít keep up with him he stops and gives me a look like hurry up. In fact he walks our entire street twice a day. Heís still nervous around people. Weíre working on that. Next Friday our holistic vet, Anne, is coming. I want her to put her eyes on him and se if she has any suggestions. We are loving this little soul. Thanks for letting him be part of our family.

December 26, 2020
Wanted to get this to you before Christmas. Reuben is with he favorite toy the pink piggy. He loves to squeak it. Heís doing well. Heís such a goof! Loves his walkies even in this cold weather. Happy New Year.
Tara, Paul, Reuben and Daisy

January 17,2021
Reuben here! Iím so happy. I get lots of walkies THAT I ❤️ and mama will pick me up and put me in her coat when I get cold. Iím also being very brave. Iím not nervous around daddy anymore or his walker. Iíve even started going on the porch potty when he wants me too. My favorite toy is my pink pig and my bones. Mama bought me a dog house. Itís toasty warm. I still sleep in the closet at night but I have a wonderful bed and lots of fleece. Whenever I get groomed I get to pick out a new toy. Sometimes I share with Daisy. She wants to play but I like to play by myself. She likes to talk and is very loud. I love her anyway.

February 3, 2021
I have the best news to share--Reuben loves his toys and regularly plays with them. He has no interest in playing with Daisy though. However...Sunday he came up to me and wanted to play. I rough housed with him, a little, he ran zoomies and wanted to play with the toys. I can't begin to tell you how happy I was. He is such a special pup.

April 20, 2021
Took this picture today. Reuben usually doesnít like to share his bed but I guess itís ok today. He still loves his walkiesówhen he wants to go on one he stands by the laundry room door. He doesnít always get that may be cold or wet. Heís such a goober. I tried to send you a video of him playing with 18Ē long squeaky snakes. It wouldnít go through. Anyway, have a good day 😊.

June 2, 2021
Reuben had his one year with us vet checkup. Heís doing well. Unfortunately he is starting to take meds for his heart murmur. We new that would happen. I wish he was better at pills though 😆. Just thought Iíd give you the update. Reuben sends lots of hugs and kisses.

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