Skylar and Vince's Forever Home Update

Skylar and Vince's
Forever Home

July 12, 2019
Hi Mama Jan,
Just a note to let you know we met our doctor today. Dr. Cole. He said we looked good. We are having lots of fun in our backyard and exploring our new home. Here’s pics of us waiting for the doctor. Mom said we were good kids. She left the door open so we could see what was going on. Skylar sends her love.

August 14, 2019
Hi Jan!
Just wanted to let you know the kids are doing great! Sorry I didn’t let you know sooner but I am still recuperating from my surgery and have been resting lots and physical therapy. Anyway..... we taught the kids some games and they love to play in the yard. Skylar doesn’t like to go out in the yard as much as Vince but she will go out if I go out on the deck. I know she was a breeder . Can you tell me how many litters she had and any background? It was funny that she didn’t look into our eyes for a couple of weeks. She loves to crawl under the covers in the early morning. Vince is Vince —— playful, loving and smart! So the kids are great and say hi and hope you are well.

February 6, 2020,
Hi Jan.... Just a note to let you know the kids are doing well. It's like having two toddlers in the house! Their toys are all over the house and some are in the yard. We gather up and bring them in just for them to take them out again. Just like kids. Sometimes, I'll mention a toy to one of them and they'll go out and get the one I was talking about--- coincidence?? A little more detail about each kid.... Vince..... Has become very loving and likes to snuggle on his own terms. I wipe his eyes for the "angel tears" and will brush him a little. He is still getting used to brushing. They both sleep with us and usually in the middle of the night, Vince will maneuver his way over Skylar and sleep between our heads. He likes to bully Skylar sometimes, but she is beginning to stand her ground. It's funny to see them tussle over the same toy. Or, to see a toy Skylar likes that Vince has and she will run by and grab it out of his mouth. Vince likes me to rub his temples and I taught him what his nose is and I rub it everyday and tell him he has a good nose. When I talk to him, he cocks his head from side to side like he is really listening and trying to figure out what I am saying. Skylar.... She makes me think of an "old soul". She looks into our eyes like she is trying to figure us out. One night she crawled up to the head of the bed and laid her head on my neck and kept poofing air on my neck. She slept like that for a little while and then turned her head the other way. We call her our drama queen because she will make noises like bird or whimper for attention, which we give her right away.She will climb on top of us to take a nap or cuddle up against our body so close we have to make sure we don't roll on her. Sometimes she crawls under the covers, but my husband doesn't like that because he is afraid she won't be able to breathe. Skylar has him wrapped around her little paw. Ha Ha!! Vince and Skylar are our alarm clocks and wake us up between 7:30 and 8:00 am. They run around the house playing and chasing each other like little kids. Our routine consists of breakfast, running outside in the morning, naptime before Noon. Then playtime during the afternoon up to dinner. Whenever we leave the house, they climb onto a stool we have by the window so they can see what's going on outside. We just purchased a new ottoman stool for them to use since the upholstery on the original stool needs to be replaced. It is such a joy when they greet us upon our return home. Of course, Skylar is the verbal one, barking or a high soprano pitch of a squeal/whimper. She could probably break glass! Anyway, thought you'd like to have this update on the kids. We bought a used playscape from Marketplace and will set it out this summer for them to play on. I'll send you pictures and, if I can figure it out, a video. Hope you all are doing well, especially in this snow. Take care and be safe.
Pat, Joe and the kids.

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