Tabitha's Forever Home Update

Forever Home

June 30, 2020
Dearest Jan,
We are so happy to have Tabitha in our home. She is truly a little ‘darlin’! She seems to be adjusting. Everyday I see a little something new and she seems happy. She did well with her shampoo, brushing and blow dry. I think she really loved the warm towels. Our Vet gave her a ‘good’ health check. She was extremely pleased at how healthy she was. She stated; ‘ I rarely see one as healthy as her with her background. Then for the next 10minutes I told her about you! So, had a difficult night with Tabitha Friday night during the storm. Sometimes she would let me hold her and other times she would run from room to room. The vet recommended the ‘thunder sleeves’ especially this weekend with all the fireworks! I’ll let you know if that’s helpful! She loves Coco’s therapy bed so I bought another one for her. She’s doing well with potty training!!! Coco has been a great help with that. And, her leash walking is improving. I could go on and on! We are so happy to have her. Thank you for giving her so much love!

July 7, 2020
Hi Jan,
Here it is already 2 weeks. WE ARE DOING WONDERFULLY WELL!!!!!! Tabitha is settling in marvelously. She has extended her sleep pattern to 8hrs at night without needing to potty! Only one accident in the house this week. She seems to really enjoy playing with her toys. What a personality she has. She keeps me laughing all day long. She and Coco are slowly coming together. I haven’t rushed it and still remind Coco she’s still my #1 girl with a few firsts ( I feed Coco first and if Coco wants up in my lap and I have Tabitha, I’ll set Tabitha down and pickup Coco). Who knows, It seems to be working. I hope all is good with you and your other pupsters. You and Bruce are truly one of Gods special angels.
I carry you in my heart forever.

July 19, 2020
Hi Jan,
WOW! It’s hard to imagine life ever without Tabitha. She has bonded so well with Coco and my Aunt Kay! I’m in Cincinnati taking care of her again. She and Tabitha have a connection. Tabitha is so easy to love and is adjusting beautifully! Tabitha and Coco are snuggle bunnies at night and have really partnered on their walks. She has mastered house training with only one accident last week. I’m so proud of her! I’ve kept her on her original diet as I didn’t want to change so many things at once. You and Bruce are truly one of Gods special angels! Please stay safe.
Forever friends.

November 1, 2020
Good Morning Jan,
Having Tabitha in our lives these past months has been one of our greatest blessings! She has settled in and adapted to our life style as if she had been born into it! She’s still abit timid around my daughter but she’s getting there. Tabitha does interact with Frankie( Maltese) and Ginger ( Coco’s sister) but knowIng Julie has the treats!!!!!!!! Covid 19 has kept me very close to home. I only go to the Vet or my Dr. I have everything delivered that can be delivered! My precious Coco was diagnosed with Cushings Disease last month. I’ve been doing a lot of research and getting advice from several friends who have also dealt with this disease with their pups! The shock is always the initial diagnosis then you work through it! God will help us through this as well. How are you and Bruce doing? I think of you so often and keep you and your ‘pupsters’ in my prayers. Thank you for thinking of us and loving our little Tabitha so much. I’m so sure your love for her made her love for us so much easier. Best of all to you and Bruce.
Lindell, Coco, and Tabitha!❤️

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