Toby's Forever Home Update

Forever Home

June 2, 2020
Hi Auntie Jan! Liking my new home! Mom says Iím being such a good boy! Met two other babies like me today and we got along great! They taught me how to go down steps! It was easy! Lots of playing and busy day! Going outside already too! Mom canít believe it! Bottom pic just wiped out on the couch after a fun first day! Say hi to all of my friends there for me and we will send updates ! Thanks for taking such good care of me!

October 21,2020
Hi Jan! Been meaning to send some pics. Baxter is Toby now. I call him baby sometimes and so he knows both! My girls call him baby Toby! Didnít keep Baxter because I watch too much last man standing on tv and they are the Baxterís. Just reminded me of that. He is just the sweetest thing ! Heís so good and playful! Heís a fetch expert with his toys! And plays keep away in the back yard! He will get down low and jump side to side and sometimes bark with sweet little bark and get real playful! I canít thank you enough for letting me adopt him! We have been on walks but Iím limited with my bad knee so he does a ton of running around back and forth in the back yard! He chases the leaves and loves resting on the patio in the sun. Even in the house he has his sun spots to lounge in. Itís adorable! As you may notice I take so many pics of him sleeping too because itís the sweetest thing! Heís so adorable!! He loves riding in the car in his car seat too! Looking forward to getting my knee fixed possibly next year so I can actually go on longer walks with him too. Good to hear from you! Trying to send a little video that I took this week of him rolling around in his new soft Halloween blanket! Having trouble getting it to send but Iíll keep working on it! Stay well and take care!

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