Crossing Together

Holding each one of us in your arms we hear your sad sigh,
We gaze up at you for one last time looking deep into your eyes.

Together, side by side, hand in hand,
We both leave for Rainbow Bridge land.

As we look back over our shoulders what do we see?
Your eyes overflowing with tears and so much grief.

Please do not shed tears for us Mom and Dad,
For we would never want either of you to feel so sad.

We are going to a much better place you know,
Filled with happiness, friends and not one unkind soul.

We both came to you for different reasons,
Each of us arriving during different seasons.

I was not loved enough no matter what I did right,
And Mallory was bred repeatedly and left alone every night.

You offered us a home, security and so much love.
We will lovingly look down at you from above.

Know that we will visit you in spirit as often as we can,
So that you can reach out and stroke us softly with your hand.

By Jan Collins© 11-4-08
Jazzlynn, we love you so much. It is sad that your Mom and Dad could not be as loyal to you as you were to them.
Mallory, you brought such joy to our lives with your gentle soul.
We are so sorry that you couldnít escape the horror of the mills before it had taken itsí toll.

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