Daddy's Girl

So sad that the world has come to this,
There is definitely something horribly amiss.

My owner abused and used me for personal gain,
And then he dumped me like a sack of grain.

I was left at a shelter and felt so forlorn,
I began to wonder why I had even been born.

Calls were made for help for my daughter and I,
But I really thought we were both going to die.

And then my Foster Dad came along,
He told me I had done nothing wrong.

He stroked me and held me very close,
And planted kisses all over my little nose.

As the days passed and love surrounded me,
I realized that what had happened was meant to be.

For the last years of my life were spent,
Being loved beyond measure and I was so content.

I will miss everyone, but my Dad especially,
Who was always there for me and loved me unconditionally.

By Jan Collins© 3-11-09

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